Everybody’s worried about Aretha Franklin’s upcoming surgery because she won’t reveal what it’s all about. That gets imaginations working overtime. She’s cancelled all concerts and cleared her schedule until May. Concerned fans held a prayer vigil for her in Detroit. Hopefully, it’s not as serious as her fans fear, and Aretha is having lap-band surgery or something like it, that would improve her weight and health. We’d like to keep her around as long as possible.


  1. Aretha’s one big elephant in the Detroit jungle. Way too much diva for her talent the last 10 years, anyway.

  2. Aretha has been fat for at least 30+ years that I know and she won’t address it. Of course it has something to do with her tonage. The sad thing is I love her music.

  3. She’s had a Rita up her ass for far too long.
    Time to have it removed.

  4. No offence to Aretha, but Girlfriend definately needs to drop a few!

  5. Apparently her surgery went well. And I honestly believe that she doesn’t realize how big she is or she wouldn’t wear the clothes she does. She once wore a bustier at a VH1 Divas that was so low and tight, if it had given way it would have taken out the first two rows in the audience.

  6. Of all the great music Burt Bacharach has composed and arranged over the years—too many hits to count—and of all the talented vocalists who have sung them, Burt says his favorite is Aretha’s rendition of “Say A Little Prayer.”

    And we couldn’t agree more. Especially something about the way she sings the line “I’m in love with you, please love me, too”—with such feeling behind the words, still manages to break your heart and bring a smile to your face at the same time.

    We wish her well. And thank you for posting this, Janet 🙂

  7. Thank God for Monah. I truly hope the people who regularly comment on this site don’t reflect humanity in general. Stating over and over that Aretha Franklin is fat–“an elephant in the Detroit jungle,” as Strom so eloquently put it–is beyond obvious. The part of being famous that Aretha clearly does not understand is that you sort of do have an obligation to let fans know something about the nature of the surgery. If it is weight-related, why the secrecy?

  8. Jerry and Monah, I am with you on this one. Franklin is an amazing artist who has dazzled and captivated multiple generations (her collaborations with Annie Lennox and George Michael were highlights of the eighties). Even if this current crisis is all about her weight problems, it is no reason to make light, or use the post as an opportunity to harass others.

  9. Detroit is my hometown, I absolutely love Aretha. Didn’t she have a bad fall in the bathtub? I believe her surgery was probably something related to that, hip or back maybe. All her weight seems to be in her breasts, I can’t help but think a breast reduction would help her immensely. She’s a legend, I wish her well.

  10. Swollen spinal disc’s needed repairing.. very dangerous with her weight and being diabetic.

  11. JC,
    Thank you for reserving a page for my all time favorite Miss Aretha.She remains one of the most famous singers in the world. As far as her “personal” business,she has never been one to advertise it.Even during interviews,she never volunteers anything.Unlike a lot of tell it all celebrities, Aretha has always been a woman of mystery. In her autobiography titled
    “From These Roots” it was an interesting book from cover to cover. Hopefully with faith,and prayers,The Queen of Soul will take the needed time to get her health and strength back to normal. I can easily believe there are a lot of her fans wishing her all the best and a speedy recovery.

  12. If you check out Aretha’s back and big caboose you will see where the weight really is!

  13. Jeezy creezy, I hope it was gastric bypass… or a boob reduction! Dayum.

  14. This brings to mind Ella Fitzgerald, the voice of an angel, yet so very plain looking. Aretha surely is not poor, needs a stylist desperately in this age of visual images.

  15. I don’t know how old she is, but her face really looks like death. If she isn’t geting weight loss surgery, then she needs to just to save her live. And yes, part of what nneds to be done is cutting off more that half of those ginormous boobs size. No wonder she has back issues!

  16. I wish her well she’s had a difficult domestic life rumors of her corrupt pervy Pastor dad impregnated her two sons, rumors of her marrying a gay actor who freaked with her sons, rumors of her men beating and cheating her,etc. Tragic!

    Looks aren’t everything, indeed as the Queen Of Soul she can be big and fat as an opera singer, but morbid obesity on an aging woman is a death sentance so I do hope it was a gastric bypass … best wishes for a speedy recovery to Miss Areatha Franklin.

  17. I find it impossible not to say the following: If her tits were full of milk, she could feed half the orphans in the Sudan.

  18. Mel, I had forgotten about all that. Geez, Aretha has had a miserable life!

    I am not one of those spiritual/karmic Darwinists who follow The Secret, and maintain that one’s bad luck is all invited, no matter how early it begins, but I have to say some people’s lives are like one big Jerry Springer show, and you just want to run as far from them as possible.

  19. In May of 1989, Aretha performed at Caesar’s in Atlantic City.She entertained and lived up to her reputation as a singer.At one point, you could tell that the A/C was irritating her voice.Aretha took a short intermission,and returned to the stage.When she returned she was wearing this beautiful white fur coat,and said to the audience that,she had heard a lady in the audience ask if that was the end of the show as she was leaving. Aretha than said to the audience I know you all paid **good money to come to see me and I want you to enjoy the show.Aretha than asked us (her audience)”do you like surprises, I love surprises”. Miss Aretha than introduce Peabo Bryson as her special guest,one of the songs that she and Peabo sang was “Through the Storm” a duet that she,and Elton John had recorded together.
    Aretha’s family including her brother/manager The Rev. Cecil Franklin were all at a table near the stage,and at the end of the show,as a fan of Miss Aretha,you knew that this is a show that you would never forget,just being in the same room for a short while and being entertained by one of the best in the business. As of yesterday, it is my understanding that Aretha’s surgery was a success.Aretha does not seek attention like a lot of performers who are hooked on being famous,she make her appearances and then she goes back into her own private world,which include being an avid fan of the Soap, The Young and the Restless.Aretha gives few interviews,but I can not remember a single interview where she felt the need to be mean spirited to others. At her age and for what she has meant to us in our lives she now deserves our RESPECT!!!

  20. Pat-ICK…I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. Kindly understand why I won’t extend my hand in friendship…there are so many nasty little “germs” abounding nowadays and with your proclivities, well, you surely will understand why I hesitate…I’d need an entire BOT of rubber gloves to greet you my dear!

  21. All those who made fun of her weight, well she’s going to get very thin now, and then die. I am heartsick for her, what a hideous disease.

  22. i hope pray that she is doing fine. she is the best singer . and i love this lady.but i saw you on t.v and she look good

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  24. Please go away to Tulsa and visit a mystic.

    It is likely curtains for big Aretha.

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  26. It’s more old news than new news!

    “retha is still a very wide load.

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