Now that her marriage to Kelsey Grammer is over, Camille Grammer of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” feels like she’s no longer a housewife. So she’s jockeying for a reality show of her own. She wants the cameras to follow her as she makes her way back into the single world and starts dating. Certainly the well-heeled Camille will attract a bevy of suitors and if she dates the right producer- she just MIGHT get her own show!


  1. Puleease!! Spare us. Who is interested in watching aother fake Celebrity Cling on? She is famous for what again??? Count me out, definately.

  2. Good grief, nooooooooo. I cannot bear another stupid reality show

  3. Like cop shows in the 80’s went overboard, so has not real reality shows. They are lame and it’s time to put a burning hot slug in them.

  4. Suitors? Yeah, more interested in what her settlement with Kelsey might have to offer them than in that any of her…well, let’s just call them “charms”.

  5. I’m confused on how Kelsey grammar even tolerated this woman?!?! Didn’t she say she is not able to have sex because of her shiting problem? Or was that some bullshit she told so he won’t hand sex with her. What man in his right mind would want to be with her if she can’t fuck them?

  6. Isn’t she a former “escort” ? Seriously, I don’t know if it is true but it has been rumored for many years.

  7. Kelsey likes the whore type. He should go celibate for a while and spend the money he would have wasted on gifts, marriage and then divorce, on a good therapist. He has issues.

  8. Camille would be more appropriate for a show entitled something like, Hollywood Whiners and Cheesy Babes.
    That’s supposed to be a sexy pose? Yes, the suitors are lining up real slow.

  9. This is very important work you do here Rita er a Sebastion.
    And completely without shame.

  10. In most of these threads the word dating should simply be changed to fu#King!

  11. She posed many times (15) in PlayBoy and did several other raunchy things. This is the kind of gal that the handsome (NOT) Kelsey likes. I think her affliction of irritable bowel syndrome finally drove him away, and just that is kind of sad.

  12. Indy, considering Kelsey’s penchant for stripper types, your theory about her IBS sounds spot on. IBS would make anal sex impractical if not impossible.

  13. A close up of her over surguried face is frightening, as are her very fake knockers that stick right out of her bony chest wirh the ribs showing right behind them YUCK this plastic loser needs to go back under the huge rock Kelsey found her under, and the cameras nned to shut off and find an actual PERSON to hang around and film This chick is just pathetic! POOR KELSEY having to wake up next to THAT…no wonder he had a heart attack!

  14. Maybe someone that loves brown showers can date her.
    I wonder how soon in the relationship with kesley that the shitting started and how did she think a man would tolerate not having sex before before going else where? Let her be in her shot and stir in it.

  15. Muffin…she is “famous” for leeching onto Kelsey Grammer”…that is all. I’m quite sure the face she had when they met looked human, but she dipped deeply into his money pool to become the plastic mess she now is. Her frequest attempts to break camera lenses as they try to focus on what’s left of her face is farcical. I feel sorry for the kids she paid someone else to give birth to. Surly having to look at THAT face every day of their childhoods and being in fear of developing into a version of that plastic monster at puperty has got the poor babies panicing already.
    If she DOES have IBS (which I completely doubt) it’s probably only from eating too much Ex-lax. Has anyone ever seen her eat a meal, and finish it? I doubt it. I just don’t know why she thought turning herself into that beyond fugly freak would help her keep Kelsey!

  16. Wouldn’t the abandon of sex in a marriage be great grounds for a divorce and no alimony?

  17. Kyle looks amazing, she looks like a real person. And I like the British lady. The Blondes are all annoying head cases.

  18. agree. camille is the most annoying character/person on that Housewives show. the most insecure person ever. she seems like someone who would have to pay people to be her friends. who else would hang around that mess?

    on the other hand, while kelsey grammer is very talented, he clearly must have issues to marry her so maybe they were a good match.

  19. I love the Housewives of Beverly show, but Camille is my least favorite. Come on, what woman has 4 nannies for two little kids? Also, while you see the other wives show affection and love to their kids, you see none from the ice queen. I say give Lisa or Adrienne a show, and get rid of Taylor(totally boring) and Camille (a very fake self absorbed gold digger).

  20. I heard that Bravo has fired Camille already. She must have been trying her diva attitude out on the production staff. I don’t know why she thinks so highly of herself, she’s got one of the alltime scariest faces ever to explode a camera lens.
    I’m so happy for Kelsey Grammer that he got away from her freakface, but have to feel sorry for her kids if they look anything like her!

  21. 🙂 I don’t think she could even star in grace C porn movies anymore. She is done for.

  22. All those Housewives shows are disgusting. The women all look the same, and look like they are trying to appear 22, and — regardless of how much money they have — they all act like trailer/ghetto trash.

  23. You people are terrible. I wish Camille well. I can guarantee living and being married to Kelsey was no walk I’m the park. She is a pretty woman too so quit with these vile comments. Shr is a person too with feelings just like you. And these IBS cracks.. it is a condition. Get over it. There is a lot more to her than just that. Grow up people.

  24. Elin…are you Tiger’s ex? 😉

    I agree that living with Kelsey Grammer must not have been easy, either. He has to have a big ego. However, Camille has proven that she is a wreck of a person! I imagine that she would be even MORE difficult to live with! No wonder Kelsey left. Good for him. I DO feel sorry for their children, though.

  25. I’m not sure what network would be courting this idea but I do know, I don’t get whichever channel that will be carrying it.

    I’m not sure what night it would air but if it’s a day that ends in “Y”, I already have plans that night.

    I’m sure it’s my loss. BooHoo.

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