Anne Hathaway is notorious these days for becoming the “least popular actress in show business” to put it mildly. Of course all the criticism of Anne comes from random online haters – not from genuine people. Anne admitted she WAS upset by the nasty twitter comments about her, but when it gets to her, she reminds herself that there is a positive for every negative and she has a LOT of positives in her life. Above, she and one of her positives – husband Adam Shulman -stroll in New York.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast

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  1. She’s being bullied in the press and social media. It’s just like high school when one of the “popular” kids decided they didn’t like you and the scared dimwits followed like lemmings.
    I’ve been reading this crap for weeks and enough is enough.
    Haters, if you really feel the need to vent anger in a non-constructive way, try hating on Chris Brown for physical abuse and Beyonce for lying. And leave Anne alone.

  2. Yeah, her piano teeth is to die for. How much did she pay her press agent to write that drivel?

  3. Whenever she gets down because of what people say, she can always turn to those 2 yummy men in her life: Adam and Oscar, and tell all the haters to go to hell.

  4. She just comes across as too desperate, just like Kathy Griffin. A total turn off for me.

  5. I agree with Just Saying.
    Its so strange when people just decide en masse to hate someone.

    is she really that terrible looking or terrible of an actress?

    I dont think so.

    AH tries hard to sound be likable, that pisses people off too.
    Shes got to learn to project the middle finger to her detractors, everyone aint gonna like you nor should they.

    I read her grifter ex boyfriend is trying to appeal his conviction.

  6. Anne Hathaway! I <3 her. Why myst people be so mean…..-_-

  7. Just seen her on david letterman. Great interview, bad hairdo.

  8. Yep…always avoids the questions about her relationship with the Italian fraudster that netted her much $$$.

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