For some reason, we CRINGED when we learned that actor James Woods was seen the other day at a Simi Valley gun store called Gretas’s Guns, buying a new gun. You might remember, it was only around a year ago that Woods slammed Alyssa Milano on Twitter because she wrote that she was worried about “gun hoarding” during the pandemic and she believes that 90% of Americans want stricter gun laws. He mocked her and advised her to “buy more ammo!” Woods’ conspiracy theorizing got him banned from Twitter for awhile and Donald Trump actually complained. The mental picture of James Woods with a gun is not comforting…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA- James Woods and girlfriend at Craig’s



  1. Alyssa Milano is a complete idiot. Her “belief” that 90% of Americans want more gun controls is an example of her ignorance. Anything that comes out of her mouth is pure stupid.

    Janet, why so hostile against Americans that are using their 2nd Amendment rights? I am licensed to carry. I will not hesitate to shoot if needed to protect me and my family. Anybody that enters my house illegally will not live to tell about it.

    Just sign me,

    A Proud Pro-America American!

  2. James Woods has a 180 IQ. Janet is a dingbat whose IQ hovers around 79. Maybe when the mobs rioting and looting in Beverly Hills make their way to Janet’s home she will change her tune. From what I hear all the left wing loonies are secretly buying guns while continuing to virtue signal. How much you want to bet Alyssa has one?

  3. All a guy needs is a 22 takedown.
    A pump 12.
    And an 06.
    Anymore than that is unnecessary unless you’re a collector.

  4. Janet fails to mention there’s always a pretty woman after his money no wonder how horrendous the man.

  5. I remember when this dpouche destroyed Sean Youngs career with his lies . Mr. conservative forced her into an abortion while accusing her of doing all sorts of crazy crap . Cops found that it was he and his new wife that were the ones really doing it ! He sucks . He was a good actor at one time but as Emmy stated . He’s an asshole

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