The ladies on The View did NOT drag our beloved Lily Tomlin out of the closet today – she outed herself in 2001. Barbara Walters discreetly pointed out that Lily has been with her ”partner” for an astonishing 42 years. (It’s especially amazing since Lily’s girlfriend and writing partner Jane Wagner was responsible for writing and directing the most humiliating movie in the history of Lily Tomlin and John Travolta in 1978. They played LOVERS and “Moment by Moment” was such an embarrassing stinker and flop that it has never been released for home video so you may never get to see the camp classic.) Anyway, Lily and Jane survived the movie disaster and mother hen Barbara Walters coyly asked Lily if she ever “thought about marriage.” Really Barbara, after 42 years together. Lily made a joke implying that deciding on the wardrobe (who wears the dress?) would be too difficult…

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  1. I worked with both Lily and Jane many years ago and they are both super nice. The Lily you see on stage is the Lily of real life.

  2. Yes. This from the same Baba Wawa who used to “date” Roy Cohn.

    Time to hang up those spurs Babs and go out with a modicom of self respect.

  3. i can’t anything about walters as i have NOTHING GOOD top say about walters…

    lily otoh rocks……

  4. That movie was painful to watch and has been on tv a few times over the years. I tried to watch it off and on but was never able to sit still. I mean it was bad.

  5. Barbara Walters needs to give in to the network brass and retire; in fact she should never have been on TV in the first place given her glaring “W for R substitution” speech defect. Both Lily Tomlin and her partner Jane Wagner are terrific ladies who’ve been together forever. Jane wrote Lily’s hit book and stage show The “Search For Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” which, if you were lucky enough to see it, was brilliant.

  6. Lily should be be commended for her 42 years long relationship especially in a place like Hollywood. Also for remaining one of the most amazingly funny women in show business.

    And that’s the truth.

  7. Well let me break it down to ya. The goods and the bads using my ABC’s 🙂

  8. I’ve worked with Lily and she’s anything but nice. The screaming rampage she went on in (I heart Huckabees) is typical of her behavior.

  9. Isn’t there a reason lesbians are lesbians: Lily, Ellen, Rachael Maddow! Enuf said!

  10. A lesbian and a gay man… you can already tell that there was no “action” in that story-line.

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