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If you’re wondering where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be partying tonight after the Oscars- we’ve got the scoop. Angelina is a HUGE fan of Prince and the royal couple has RSVP’d the party he’s having tonight at his home. Angie is just dying to see Prince perform and she’s not going to let a baby bump get in her way. If they party at all, it will be with Prince.

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  1. Thanks for the scoop, Janet.
    I want to know … did Brad/Angie/Jen face-off occur last night at the pre-Oscar bash? Anyone know?? How I hope they all end up in the same room with cameras rolling.

  2. What I hope is Jen and Angelina cross paths at some post-Oscar party and/or find themselves in the same ladies’ room….and there would be a knock-down, go-4-broke catfight that will end all catfights. That would trump the story of Frank Gifford getting caught cheating on Kathie Lee. hee hee hah hah.


  4. They are living it up now. However, the hand of God Almighty can take them down at any time. They are totally unsaved and living on borrowed time. You cannot be an unrepentant whore, adulterer, and whore-monger and get away with it forever.

  5. I don’t like Prince. I don’t like the expression “baby bump”. I don’t like the fact that these two fornicators think they will not have to answer for their actions on judgment day.

  6. These two adulterers will meet their fate when they are face to face with Jesus and his wife Mary Magdeline.
    I Like this quote

  7. Right, Gerard. He is a midget and definitely a faggot. Why does Ang worship him? I heard the wiry little piss-ant can really party down.

  8. Loved how Angie covered up for weeks waiting for the “big reveal”. These two operators can really work it. Gag.
    Btw, why are the righteous christians reading gossip sites? It couldn’t be an effort to feel morally superior, now would it? Why don’t you spend your time feeding the poor? Sounds like something Christ would get behind.

  9. Jen and Brad were the “power couple” of Hollywood until their marriage broke up and now Anjolina and Brad are the “royal couple” – I feel bad for Jen just having to hear day after day how wonderful these two are. My parents adopted children years ago when it was not the latest “fad” to do so – they had no money – they did it because they loved children. It seems that all of HOllywood is adopting just to be part of the latest trend – People have been doing this for years with no recognition – and they are sincere. not doing things for publicity.

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  11. 10:48 Yes you are! Big Trouble. I would seriously suggest emigration. It’s gonna get alot worse before it gets better. Bush/Cheney/Rove forever changed America.

  12. 10:48…bottom line. Europe will be in the spotlight in the last days. The anti-christ 666 will come from Rome. This will occur at about the same time America is on the decline, as 10:48 hit the nail on the head.

  13. I Like Prince too and all his old music from the Batman Theme really is good and from all of his musical movies I like them and I know he got a Divorce and I remember he had a son and lost that one and I wonder why he has not tried for another child down the line and I Know many woman are attracted to him and really want him and He could still get another woman…He is a nice person but lets get back to Angelina being a fan and Brad Pitt loving his music too is great but I wonder what Prince is going to do know and where is he going to go with his music and His music is different from the rest of the music and I can say that he has a style that belongs to him and him only.!!!!

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