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George Clooney is looking for the right person to move into his house. George is planning to move out of his Studio City house and find a place closer to the beach. He’s already checked out some homes and vacant lots in Pacific Palisades. George knows that now is NOT the time to put his home on the market, so he plans to lease out the Studio City home until the market improves. Above, George is on the set of his movie “Men Who Stare at Goats.”

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  1. George will not slowly get old-looking. One day out of the blue, he will look old.
    He should hold a contest somehow, and let a poor under-pivileged family live in the house rent free, under one of George’s employes supervision. God knows, he can afford it.

  2. he looks like dennis farina in this photo…and that isn’t a good thing. sigh.

  3. Don’t be insulting Dennis Farina. Dennis Farina has class. He oozes class. Clooney has turned into an old, plastic skank chaser.

  4. People no longer go to his movies. The media continues to hype him as if he were bankable.

  5. I’ve never seen a good movie in which he starred. Can’t even remember the names. If it were not for him changing whores every 8 or 9 months, the paps would leave him alone, because he is truly yesterday’s news.

  6. George’s one true love has gone the way of all the earth – his pot-bellied pig, Max.

  7. It’s hard to believe that George Clooney could look bad but, oh yes he does. Just goes to show that given the wrong haircut, the wrong clothes, and some misplaced facial hair and even George can look downright unattractive.

  8. I don; care what he looks like. ithink he is a hunk; and no one can ever take his place. he is hot!!!!

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