Omigosh! For a minute we didn’t recognize Courtney Stodden because of her newly inflated lips! She’s still only 19 but looks considerably older. We wonder what the “teen bride” will look like when she’s 35.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Good lord what a mess. 19??? Now that’s a birth certificate I’d like to see.

  2. Please stop saying she’s a teen when she’s definitely at least 30. We are idiots, but THAT idiots?

  3. Looks like she also had the teeth redone. Where is she getting the money to do all the work?

  4. missyco,

    Her out of work boyfriend/daddy actor is whoring her out for $$$$$. That’s how she has the money for plastic surgery etc.

  5. Poor kdi must be surrounded by idiots. Oh yes she is. At first I thought you were referring to that KlapTrashian who loves to surgically enhance herself as well.

  6. This “girl” is looking more freakish by the second. When is she going to realize that she’s a JOKE? No legitimate outfit is going to hire her for anything but exploitative reasons.

  7. She was naturally very pretty but is doing everything possible to mess that up, as so many of them do.

  8. those 2 cantaloupes she carries around on her chest must be heavy.

  9. Can a leaked sex tape and then a reality TV show be far behind? I didn’t think consumers would provide the Kardashians with a career for all the wrong reasons either, and boy was I wrong.

  10. The shape of her head and face makes her look like an alien. What a train wreck.

  11. What happened to her chin? It’s like it was filed down to a point. And those bolt on boobs just look painful.

  12. I wonder about mental illness in this case. And, if so, how the husband is taking advantage of her. It’s very sad. She looks awful and she can’t undo it ..

  13. Can we talk about it at the book signing?
    Published authors are so eloquent.

  14. maybe she’ll be servicing you for $ Strom, nawww … there isn’t enough cash anywhere for that ….

  15. Mr. Strom you seem very angry, and so hateful ? Courtney is a tragedy, certainly, but I don’t understand your terrible streams of hate for nearly everyone.

    Poor thing, reach out, the Lord loves even you.

  16. Mrs. Weaver says the lord loves you, Strom.
    She must be new here.

  17. What a stupid looking woman. My god, do her parents not see this? Does her idiot husband not?

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