Whoa. Steven Tyler was photographed relaxing at his hotel in Rio de Janiero before Aerosmith played a concert there. Hopefully he didn’t wear his hair UP like this for the performance. A topknot would do, but this bouffant does nothing for his reputation.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. anyone see Walton Goggins as Venus Van Damme, a transgender escort on Sons of Anarchy??
    why, they could be sistas…. check it out in images sometime…..

  2. It’s his deepest wish to be a woman. Unfortunately, an ugly woman. Love your comment Abe. Too funny.

  3. He’s a wierd dude, but very nice when you meet him in person. Also, very respectful to his fans, always takes time out for autographs and pix, etc.

  4. Oh please, he’s probably washing his face or doing his makeup before the show. Steven rocks no matter what.

  5. His sense of personal style has always blurred gender lines so that’s nothing new, but he was not sporting a good look that day by anyone’s standards.

  6. He needs to get together with Bruce Jenner. Both are starting to look like women.

  7. I can’t decide who is the fugliest, Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger. Guess it’s a toss-up. And if their music rocks, so what, this diatribe concerns his looks and it ain’t good, especially if he is a man who looks like a female. lol

  8. Give the guy a break…. There are others really bad or worse than him

  9. Does anyone know if he likes ladies shoes, clothing, and undies in the same way Bruce Jenner does? I’m kind of getting that vibe from him.

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