Last week the Screen Actors Guild sent out ballots to members asking them to vote for or against an actor’s strike. Days later every member got a phone call with a recorded message from -of all people- Sean Penn encouraging members to vote in favor of the strike, no matter what their current economic situation. The call was enough to make this guild member seize her ballot, vote for NO strike, and mail it immediately. Maybe he’s not the right person to be attempting to sway votes.

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  1. i would never take any advice from a known wife beater–an arrogant one too. He can afford to go on strike. Struggling actors cannot.

  2. Yeah – why doesn’t he go live in Venezuela under that loon he went to visit.
    This dude is mean, ugly, as dumb as a bag of hair and wastes good oxygen someone else could be breathing.

  3. I would put about as much stock in what Sean Penn has to say about my career and livelihood as I would a stranger waiting at a school cross walk. NADA.
    Yes, let us VOTE him off the soil of America. If only it were that easy.

  4. Well, he did not one thing right in his life. He beat up Madonna while they were married, and that (as Martha Stewart would say) is a good thing.

  5. Why does this arrogant bastard think people care about his opinion? Everyone I know thinks he’s a joke and took too many drugs long ago.

  6. 1:49 p.m., that’s exactly what I was going to say. He has millions to fall back on. Struggling actors would like to quit that waiter/waitress, etc. job sooner rather than later.

  7. Doesn’t he look like Mel Gibson in this picture?

  8. Correction of 2:42 PM: Meant to say…He did one thing right …..

  9. Ugh! 4:30 p.m., bite your tongue!!!! Sean Penn can only dream of being as hot as Mel!

  10. Penn is a fine Actor and a great American Patriot. He has constantly called out GWB for what he is , a war criminal who should be impeached and then tried and executed for killing 3000 of his own citizens.

  11. If you’re a quick-tempered faggot…….YES!!

  12. yes Janet lets me shame her site with my homophobic bs….love you Janet Thank You for permission to be a g.basher

  13. Penn is good about calling everyone out. Pity Penn believes his own caka don’t stink. Wife beater among many other things are a few of his lovely traits. Also that fact he won’t STFU!

  14. He was raised by communists so whatever stupidity he relates by his daily actions is considered anti-capitalist. He argues comparing his being a capitalist, rich and famous as unvalid to his being able speak sanely on Communism states that the only way to solve these problems would be for the working class, or proletariat, to replace the wealthy bourgeoisie, which is currently the ruling class, in order to establish a peaceful, free society, without classes, or government, as’Honesty’. Artists do not do well in communism but ..He is merely being stubbornly loyal to his family’s culture views and belief in a communist culture. Communism is a socioeconomic structure that promotes the establishment of a classless, stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production.

  15. He is very good at shooting his own foot in spite. He wants to ruin the very business he depends on and break them so that no one wins and has a stable industry. Really smart considering it’s what the democrats have done to the wealth and freedoms in america.

  16. Move to venezuela with your favorite dictator hugo chavez.

  17. Anon – 1:49 I agree with you. Most actors are struggling and can’t afford to strike. I hope that the studios and the unions work out a deal soon.

  18. It always amazes me how ignorant, mean, and totally uninformed the readers of this site are! Sean Penn is an academy award winning actor, who is intelligent and cares enough about this country and politics to get personally involved. Whether you agree with him or not, he gets off his ass does something. Why does everyone have to be so mean and just classless?….I love Janet, but I hate the haters!!!

  19. You say “academy award winning” like that actually means something of import.
    I suspect most of the animus directed toward Penn is based upon his reputation as a bully and a blowhard.
    If he were an actor who had to rely upon union scale (as the vast majority of them do), to earn his living, then one suspects that his strike rhetoric would be toned down, to say the least.
    At the end of the day, most people find it tiresome to be lectured to by those who ply their trade by playing make-believe and dressing up.

  20. 7:15 PM:
    Ooh, let me guess!!
    You worked craft services on “Mystic River.”

  21. Struggling actors.. Wha!!!!
    Sounds like they just need to do there own books for a change, and move to a small town in Mid-America.
    Imagine if some did that.
    Wonder how many have a home up on those hills which are burning a the moment ?
    That view comes with a price!

  22. Struggling actors… Should learn a skill before moving to Hollywood and going to expensive eateries…
    Whatever happen Harrison Ford, is that guy still working with wood, when was the last time you saw him drive nail ?

  23. What’s the name of the movie that made him famous ?
    “Fast times at Ridgemont High” ?
    Totally gnarly, dude!

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