To think Liam Neeson was almost cast in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” One look at this photograph of Daniel Day-Lewis in character, and you cannot imagine anyone else playing the part. At first glance, most people think this IS Lincoln in a pensive mood. That’s how convincing Day-Lewis is. The story deals with the last four months of Lincoln’s life when he was dealing with abolishing slavery with a constitutional measure. And Daniel wears those vintage clothes so beautifully. “Lincoln” will be released in November

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  1. Filmed here in RVA, he was VERY nice to everyone. Acted completely normal and sweet.

  2. Check out a picture of Tom Amandes as Lincoln, just as believable.

  3. Daniel Day Lewis is convincing in just about anything. Although my favorite was Last of the Mohicans when he’s wearing those deerskin pants and not much else.

  4. Benjamin Walker
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.. new movie

  5. Slavehood is still alive in America and it always comes back in one form or another and life can really suck and blow and hurt when there is some one controling you and treating you like a slave on a plantation but Lincoln did what he could do and took a bullet for his belief and cares and concern and he lost children and family members and truely his blood line died down the road but he had the type of life that fit that time and reached down from his soul and tried his best and in life that is all you can do is work hard at doing the right thing and feeling good about the path that you have put in front of you and living life the way you want…until the last minute of your life but adlease he torched the world and changed it for the better and in history and his life and his manner and his feelings and thoughts on certain issues..We are left to study and learn from his victory and his defeats.

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