Somebody who really DOES love her body is definitely LeAnn Rimes. It’s almost ridiculous how often she’s photographed in a bikini and it’s the middle of winter. Apparently she goes on vacation to a warm climate every month. And she wears a bikini at all times – even when her husband Eddie Cibrian is fully dressed. Coincidentally or not, there is always a photographer present at her obscure vacation spot to document her parade of bikinis. She does look great, but we wonder if she‘s sending some kind of “look at me” message to Eddie’s ex wife Brandi Glanville.


  1. Hah, hah, Shaquita and Colin;-) (she has to show her body, to take away from the ugliness of her face and Face like a bag of spanners, respectively)

    Also, Rimes has that “masculine” look that makes me wonder if she is taking something.

  2. Interesting video — there is still something odd to me about the way Rimes uses her voice (it’s like she is yodeling in a lower register), but I am glad I heard the song. I wonder what she was crying about at the time? (At least, I thought it looked real)

    Ugh, Brandi Glanville may look good but she comes across as completely shallow and vindictive and nothing else in there. Seems like a druggie, too (Haha, so does my beloved former Disney star, Kim Richards. I keep hoping she’ll dump that jerk she’s going out with and get off the meds/drink and try to start living her life again — but I agree with those who say that hearing your beloved husband get shot and killed while you are on the phone with him is enough to mess anyone up for life).

    I have to do a lot of forwarding through BH Housewives — can’t abide Camille Donatacci (who? formerly Grammer, formerly a few others I can’t remember) and Brandi Glanville (also, who? Formerly Cibrian. Not that I care). I like to hear Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Malouf (when they are not putting down their husbands, anyway) and I keep hoping that Kim will jumpstart her life. That may never happen; she seemed like she may have been on something even during the Witch Mountain commentaries.

  3. Leann is going to live her life ( with Eddie) having to buy her husbands love & attention.
    Its so obvious that she is insure, that’s what happens when you marry someone who is better looking than you & she knows it. So sad

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