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There’s been a deafening silence from “Grey’s Anatomy” producers since Katherine Heigl started dropping hints that she’s like to return to the series that made her famous. She left after six seasons to do movies, but Heigl says she remembers the six seasons fondly and would love to continue with her character Dr Izzie Stevens. It sounds like she’s gotten a lot of lame movie scripts and grew to appreciate her TV character. Hopefully, Anatomy producers will bring back Izzie.


  1. I thought she famously wanted out of the show and became a total diva? Maybe that’s why they don’t want her back.

  2. This Woman is one of the most reviled people in Hollywood. Her film roles have been pure dreck. I think her ship has sailed.

  3. She sounds like a total pain the ass to work with. Why would they want her back? The show—which she derided ad naseum leading up to her departure—is doing just fine WITHOUT HER.

    Heigl wants that job because her movie career is flatlining, and in a very crowded field, she is nobody’s idea of a Julia Roberts or a Sandra Bullock (at their peak).

    She’s like that actor whose big mouth and even bigger ego got him bounced from “NYPD Blue” years ago; after a few forgettable movies and several years in career purgatory, he was able to beg his way back onto TV in a CSI spinoff—with the butt-prints of many producers, etc. still showing on his face.

  4. I thought there was a huge incident where she blamed poor writing on the show? I don’t remember but I do remember her calling out some writers on something.
    She has ruined my favorite books by starring in the movie One For The Money. She is no Stephanie Plum and should NEVER have been cast. For that I will not see it.

  5. I never watch shows like Grey’s, or SCI or SVU or whatever, too depressing.

    I believe Heigl is the little gal that just cannot quit smoking. She has tried many times to quit and failed every time. I heard her tell the TMZ paparazzi once that this was definitely her last cig and she is done, done, done. Ha. I don’t know what her smoking status is now.

    Colin: I heard the same thing…that she got the big head and nobody liked the diva.

  6. Katherine is making herself look desparate by practically begging to get her old job back. GA execs know her movie career is tanked. I think they will probably bring her back, but they are going to make her sweat it out a little before doing so.

    I guess the lesson of the day is…the grass is not always greener….!

  7. Heigel sounds as difficult a person as her nemesis and former co star Isiah Washington.

  8. Ditto collins and chicago. I have never watched that show it looked liked a dull snoozefest.

  9. Mentioned this in another thread about cranky dieting skinny chicks…well she is one of them. She was cranky and a real beach! Complaining all the damn time about making 500k an episode (or more!), everybody is sick of that shit. But Hwood is all about bucks if they can make more revenue on ads, she will be welcome back with open arms if not…prepare for her divorce you know its bad when a has been actress trots out her asian baby and directs her husbands video.

  10. She would be perfect as the make-up counter girl at Macy’s and maybe her nerves could handle Retail better than Entertainment.

    Give it up Kate. It’s over.

  11. She lost me when she atttacked Isaiah Washington, he was the best actor on the show.

  12. Her generic looks and middling talent guarantee there’s probably some sort of diet/fitness marketing in her future in order to make a buck: “The TummyBuster is the fastest way to lose your adoptive baby weight!”

    She’s gonna be Suzanne Somers for a whole new generation of suckers, er, um, consumers.

    And is she not wearing a pair of those HIDEOUS wedge-heeled boots that Alexis Arquette was shaming himself with—a few days on this site? (Her version look even worse, as they appear to roll up into some sort of turtle-neck combo.

    Somethin’ kinda nice: we now know that the maker managed to sell at least two pairs; Katherine and Alexis are apparently good for the economy! 🙂

  13. from new york magazine dot com

    Reps say there’s a great irony in that Heigl’s next film is called “One For the Money” — it neatly sums up her approach to most movies since 27 Dresses.
    “They [her agents at Paradigm] really tried to maximize her quote, but they out-priced her,” says one agent.
    “Then she followed that price up with bad bombs and bad attitude.
    She doesn’t have the value she used to have, and people think she’s incredibly difficult to deal with.”

  14. She’ll be back. Same thing happened to David Caruso. He thought was too big for his britches too and had to come crawling back to TV also.

  15. I saw One for the Money on Friday and the movie was packed and people were talking about it in a favorable way when leaving the show. It has already made $12M and the weekend isn’t over. If she came back to Grey’s I would watch it then. She is a beautiful and talented actress interested in her family and career and doesn’t take drugs or make a fool of herself in tabloids. She shouldn’t be criticized for stating her honest opinion. I respect her for that. She has her own production company so probably will continue to produce movies. Many actors do both tv and movies so I don’t see it as crawling back to anything. They would be lucky to have her.

  16. With 31 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, “One For The Money” has garnered a “Rotten” rating of 3% !!—the lowest I have ever seen given a film.

    This may be the last time you’ll see Heigl’s name above the title in a feature film; here are a few of the critics’ quotes:

    “It’s official: Katherine Heigl will not rest until every last person on Earth is a misogynist.”
    David Ehrlich
    Boxoffice Magazine

    “Everything that is wrong with One for the Money is the result of Katherine Heigl.”
    Kevin Carr
    7M Pictures

    “Katherine Heigl’s self-guided descent into career irrelevance continues unabated.”
    Bill Gibron

    “Heigl and O’Mara snipe at each other with the sizzling chemistry of two people who can’t wait to whip out their BlackBerries and check their email as soon as a take is over.”
    Alison Willmore

    But props to “Diandra”—either a flack for Heigl, the production company, or the studio—for doing his/her job; it can’t be an easy one, under the circumstances.

  17. She trashed Grey’s Anatomy couldn’t wait to get out so why on earth would they want her back. She’s not a good actress and her movies, usually bomb…she’s too big for her boots …

  18. Haha, thanks for the warning, Chicagoland!

    I think Heigl is among the worst casting those idiots could have come up with for Stephanie Plum — exceeded only by that of Sherri Shepherd for Lula. Hey, movie-makers, Lula is supposed to be charismatic! (Come to that, so is Stephanie. Oh well)

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