This 40 billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit the Jackson family has filed against AEG Live (Michael’s last concert promoter) is SO wrong in so many ways. First of all, the Jackson family is already loaded with money that Michael left them – they couldn’t spend it all if they tried. Secondly, they are still obviously in denial about Michael’s massive drug problem and are desperately looking for someone else to blame. We can just imagine their greedy lawyers pushing the family to pursue this distasteful lawsuit that will run for months and cost taxpayers plenty. Hopefully the jury will see that Michael Jackson had the power, he always got what HE wanted, and he wanted his Dr Conrad Murray. The only bright side of this mess is the fact that AEG Live will dig up and reveal more appalling and juicy information about Michael’s habits.

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  1. Michael’s children aren’t the ones bringing this to court. It’s the family members who weren’t in his will, they wan MONEY, nothing but MONEY. Once old grandma leaves this earth her share will go to his children – not his sisters, not his father, not even his brothers. The majority of these lawyers were brought on by Randy BIG HEAD Jackson. What does he do for a living? Does anyone know?? They all thought that they were in Michael’s will and would receive rights to his music publishing and holdings, thank GOD Michael rightfully did the right thing by not leaving them a dime! It was not his responsiblity to provide for his brothers and sisters, I say Kudos to Michael, his responsibility was to his children. All you have to do is listen to them talk as if it wasn’t for them, Michael wouldn’t have achieved what he did without them. No, they all were on Michael’s coatail, he carried that load for to many years. Now if only Grandma can accept the fact that Michael hired Murray, and not AEG.

  2. This won’t cost the taxpayers anything.
    All the costs will be born by the losing party, which will be the Jacksons, unless the jury are a bunch of floons that worship Wacko Jacko or if the jury is real smart, they will find for the Jacksons, but award damages of 1¢ & punitive damages of 3¢!
    Then AEG will pay the costs.

    A win like that is considered even worse than losing. It means your case had no merit & you are an asshole for taking it to court!

  3. The most exploited Man ever, in Life and in Death.

  4. ya, totally the juice, it’s a worldwide cranapple banking conspiracy , obviously

  5. eat my deathmetal underarms 8 track paxil pack for Jesus

  6. The Jacksons are never going to heaven because they are hateful and envious and are J Witness, lakes o fire. lakes o fire.

    Me, I’m gonnta Walmart, then later heaven, lakes o fire. cause I am washed in the blood of the lamb, lakes o fire. yup, im special and yer not ! real special, really, ok maybe only a little, ok ok, maybe im not special . but my double wides 2000 square feets of empty kfc cartons and near empty RC cola jugs ! my gods better n yours lakes o fire.

  7. someone left the Ward 12 west gate open, call security, stat ! Noooooo … AAAaaaaFffghh … ack

  8. Too funny, right on the mark, Bravo ! love this site.

  9. Foolish imposter is trying to be funny again…it must have escaped from call center during break.

  10. I thought when Michael died he was flat broke due to all his excessive spending?

  11. Noblecascade, it’s because of insurance policies. Michael did this deliberately so his children would never have to worry about money. He knew he was living on borrowed time.

  12. Sadly, looking for someone else to blame appears to have become the American way, why should the Jacksons be any different.

  13. And now obnoxious Sharon Osborne has inserted herself into this trial. This woman just can’t get enough attention.

  14. While we all know Daddy Jackson is a blatant money grubbing whore, that Mom has some serious issues. I wonder if it has crossed her mind..that at her age, she NOW has more money that she could possibly spend in the rest of her days.

    So excited to see the new LaToya show as it has turned out that she has been the smartest one all alone.

    After watching that footage of Janet slapping Paris, I thought…Ms Jackson, you are NASTY!

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