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Mob Wives Chicago fans might be interested to know that Nora Schweihs, 48, is not quite as ditzy as she seems. Her claim to fame is her father Frank “The German” Schweihs, who was a notorious hit man in Chicago, and died in prison in 2007. Nora loves the hospitality business and just earned a masters degree in hotel management. Good for her. Maybe not so good for her is the fact that she’s dating a much younger man, actor Michael Evers, 23, and she doesn’t mind being called a Cougar.

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  1. She’s the best mob wive out there. I hate that blonde bitch on the show, renee something or other. I bet all of the girls are jealous of nora since she had the only real mob connection and now she is the only one with a hot guy. he’s smoking sexy

  2. Nothing good comes out of Chicagoland, the most corrupt city in the Country.
    Where black babies and nobody cares because a the shooter wasn’t white.
    RIP Baby Aliyah.

  3. She seems to have purchased some new breasts.

    Maybe the BLACKS should care and do as Herman Caine says…stop complaining and get a job!

  4. I think she is smart for dating a young stud, why would she want an old fart? Men have been dating younger women for centuries so now it’s our turn

  5. wanna stay in contact with the youth nowaday’s?
    it’s easy: FUCK A PUPIL………….or two.

  6. Love the show. Nora is my favorite. Christina seems nice. I hate that fat bitch Lea. A disgrace to Italians and Chicagoiates. Glad Nora has a hot young stud.

  7. Funny stuff. They are JUST friends and he is a guest star on an upcoming episode. I slept with mike last month in Vegas

  8. how does his parnets feel about their 27 year age difference??

  9. This guy is a gay actor. This whole thing is a sham for the ratings. I know him. I kow one of my guy friends who is in a relationship with him. The mob wives should stick with guys they are compatible with eighty year old bookies who hang at the joint on rush street

  10. This is the worst show on tv. It makes no sense. It makes Jerry springer look good.. This is white trash at it’s finest. The producers should be given jail time and these five broads need acting lessons and better makeup. The witers of this show must e five years old.q. Take this show off now and fill the time slot with something vh1 could be proud of. This sahow made vh1 stock go down 80 percent.

  11. Didnt someone say “Toya Jackson also bought a Masters Degree? Didn’t Jesse Jackson and many others do as well? Doesn’t stand for much w/o drive and a willingness to work…opps sorry to offend the Jackson’s!

  12. I love that show. Nora is my fav. I hope vh1 brings the girls back for a second season.

  13. If the Wei steins bring back mob wives for a second season I hope they get indicted when Romney wins. Romneyvknows the Wei steins and their silly realty shows are garbage. Vote for Romney and vote to get rid of mob wives Chicago forever

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