Our favorite Mob Wives Chicago star, Nora Schweihs has left the Windy City and landed in Hollywood, where she’s working on a tell-all book about her life as the daughter of notorious hitman, Frank “The German” Schweihs, who’s been described as “one of the most feared mobsters in Chicago.” He has long been linked to Marilyn Monroe’s death. For those who can’t wait for Nora’s book to come out, she is currently trying to land an juicy TV interview where among other things she will discuss the rumors that her father was responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe. “My father didn’t take his secrets to the grave – he gave them to me,” Nora told us exclusively. “I’m hoping for an interview so I can reveal what I know.”


  1. In my opinion if you are any way mob-related, you should keep your business and secrets to yourself. To go around gabbing makes you less credible. And did she get her fathers blessing to give up his secrets? Sad.

  2. Good thing I don’t spend my money reading these tell all BS books. I wait for them to come to the library!

  3. The Outfit didn’t whack Marilyn!
    If they did it, everyone would have known it was a hit.
    They’ve never been subtle & never will!

  4. According to someone, now retired, in the know in the LA Coroner’s office, Bluejay is correct — Peter Lawford gave MM a powerful enema to keep her quiet about the Kennedys. This would explain why he turned into a hopeless drunk the last years of his life — guilt. He always was the Kennedy pimp and servant, so it makes sense that he would be recruited to do the dirty deed.

  5. Peter Lawford cleaned up Marilyn’s house after she was dead – removing any incriminating material that might have linked Monroe to the Kennedy brothers. (She slept with both Jack and Robert.) Sam Giancana, however, was the one who ordered her to be murdered, and one of his henchmen did it. Lawford felt guilty that he had introduced Monroe to the Kennedy bros. Were it not for that introduction, Marilyn would not have been murdered.

  6. Marilyn’s neighbors were having a party on their patio the day/night that she died. They swore that they saw both Robert Kennedy and Peter Lawford pull up to Marilyn’s house and go inside. The whole thing is very suspicious. I believe it was the first cop on the scene who said he knew right away that it had been staged and the room had been “cleaned up”.

  7. Kitty,
    The first cop on the scene , detective Clemmons, swore up and down till the day he died, that Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

  8. I definitely think she was murdered by JFK, RFK, and PL, a plot thought out very carefully and executed down to the last detail. The two K brothers and Peter had heavy connections to the Mafioso. Why oh why did Marilyn have to get mixed up with this evil?

  9. Yes, she was murdered while bigfoot stood by and a ufo was landing next door, and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was watching and hoping to find a gay ghost he could fondle and Oliver Stone says its all true!

  10. Joseph Kennedy Sr. made dirty deals with the mafia with bootlegging, and when RFK was Attorney General,he started cleaning house on the mafia. The mafia would not have done the next generation Kennedys any favors by whacking Marilyn. Peter Lawford smells like the guilty rat.

  11. As a Sicilian I CAN COMMENT:
    those pieces of shit murdered Marilyn.
    not to mention all the other humiliations they piled on her over the years.
    May they all rot in hell.

  12. Sort of puts into context the fate that befell both Kenedy brothers–and not too many years after Marilyn met her demise.

    Thomas Noguchi knows what happened to her, to RFK–and to Natalie Wood.

  13. Just Sayin’, I read that book by Thomas Nogouchi too. Interesting book.

  14. An enema killed Marilyn? Really? Now I’ve heard (almost) everything.

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