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The first thing we thought of when we heard about the surprise marriage of Giovanni Ribisi, 37, and British supermodel Agyness Deyn, 29, was “Is she a Scientologist?” Ribisi, an accomplished character actor who played Phoebe’s brother on “Friends,” comes from an active family of Scientologists. And they all married Scientologists. Agyness just landed her first leading role in the UK movie “Sunset Song.” Deyn dated several musicians before surprising everyone with this marriage. We had no idea these two even KNEW each other. Hopefully, she won’t have to convert for him.

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  1. cont…who thinks she has a better chance of making it in Hollywood if she is a Scientologist

  2. He looks creepy. Can anyone tell me why Hollywood is so ripe with the Clam$? What about $cientolgy attracts the Hollywood crowd?

  3. he’s a wonderful actor, I loved him in that film (tv show ? ) where he ran around in just cowboy boots and underwear. Mad, manic, muy magnifico !

    Pity he’s such a theological looney.

  4. A match made in nowhere and it will lead to nowhere. Fame whore AGYNESS anyone?

  5. More like hopefully he won’t convert her! This guy is a great actor and plays the creeps with perfection. Never knew he was a Scibot though.

  6. He’s really creepy looking. I can’t believe she’s a “supermodel” either.

  7. Fools like them get lured into Scientology because they see the big names there: Cruise, Travolta, Alley, Smith. Cruise has publicly given all glory to SCI for clearing his mind w/ auditing sessions and thus furthering his career. Little do they know satan himself is behind it all. L. Ron Hubbard who is shaking hands with satan now will suffer the worst of the flames.

  8. When will these people learn that Scientology is the devil’s work? I got on the Scientology website once and emailed them to ask if they believe in God. I never got a reply. For all they knew, I was a lost soul, ripe for the pickin’ for their cult, but they never even tried to explain what they “belive in”. That told me all I needed to know.

  9. I agree with Kitty, she does not look like a supermodel at all. I looked it up, she is 29. She looks way older.

  10. He is a fine actor. He did an amazing job in The Gift, Flight of the Phoenix and Saving Private Ryan.

    Too bad he is messed up with that cult. So sad.

  11. She’s one of my favorite models. You have to see her in action

  12. The guy must have some major charm because this is his second gorgeous wife.

  13. She will have to convert. The church won’t take less. yeah, I agree this is really going to work…lol

  14. Nice looking girl, but has trouble tying her shoes in the morning….

  15. Supermodels usually have much better, thicker hair. Oh well, I guess everyone is wearing extensions now.

    And oh wow, is there a shortage of men? Ay caramba !!

  16. Geovanni’s EX wife Mariah O’Brien Is looking down the Barrel of some Hard Time
    She arrested and charged with 23 felonies
    Her current Husband Anthony Trae Carlson was charged with 40 felonies.
    He’s the former Son-in-Law of Carol Burnett
    their day in court starts July 18th
    The couple got caught running a Ponzi scheme

    Mariah Is out on $1.9 million Bail
    Trae Bail was $2.5 million hes still a guest of Lee Baca.

    they got their asses handed to them in an Indiana Court 2010,Now Its California’s Turn

    Geovanni needed a beard for the upcoming bad publicity and a throwaway of Danny Masterson’s will do the trick.

  17. “She’s one of my favorite models. You have to see her in action”

    Bullshit, she’s just another tall, anorexic bitch, with no shapes whatsoever, nothing feminine about her… Ive seen much better looking trannies, so stop kissing her ass…

  18. Well, it worked for Nicole Kidman (model makes deal and marries influential member and jumps the queue to get plum role after plum role, some would say unmerited by talent… I have no idea how influential or rich Ribisi is or isn’t)

  19. Hey Janet, what’s going on with the Beverly Hills Hotel shooting? I hadn’t realized that the tv industry had as much power as the movie industry, but there seems to be a worldwide lockdown on any news about this?

    Usually the police at least pretend to refuse to release the names of the victims “pending notification of relatives” but they didn’t even bother with that excuse this time.

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