Shopping at Sears will never be the same. Giant blow-ups of the Kardashian sisters will be all over the store. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are combining talents to introduce the Karadashian Kollection, which will blanket the store with clothing, jewelry, lingerie, handbags, hats, gloves, and shoes. Can washing machines and lawn mowers be far behind? The chain expects to rake in 200 to 300 million dollars from the Kollection the first year. We were most amused by Kim’s remark “We always shopped at Sears and thought it would be the perfect place for our collection.” Funny, she’s been photographed shopping at a lot of places, but never Sears.


  1. It smells nasty in the store and the clothes fall apart if you clean them..

  2. Yeah, smells like a con job to me, but I have to admire them at their ability to keep coming up with new ideas to pry money away from the sheep who want to be just like them.
    The problem is the saturation point which surely must be coming soon (it’s long overdue). Then the whole thing will implode and the girls will be left falling back to their old standard of screwing/marrying rich sports stars.
    PS> I wonder if they ever did a DNA test on the baby of Courtney (and supposedly Scott). She was being pretty wild in Miami when she got PG and the boy looks nothing like him, and is not at all fair like the so-called “father” who is blonde and blue-eyed. The baby looks completely “Kardashian” (Greek?). It should be interesting when their second baby arrives and we can see the comparison. Not that it matters, but If I were Scott, I’d want to know.

  3. Maybe if the stores would be proud to have posters of Black Ray J with his meat up Kim. Or Black Reggie with his meat down her throat.

    Sears has been conned by many of the celebrities who promoted their goods over the years. Cheryl Tiegs is an exception.

  4. Gee, strom, why is that? Could it be because Tiegs is WHITE? GAWD you’re an asshole.

  5. I admit I don’t shop at Sears except for the Land’s End section, and I’ll definitely stay away if there are lifesize cutouts of these three all over the store. Kim’s remark about shopping at Sears, which I do not believe, reminded me of that Paris Hilton quote from the first season of that show, The Simple Life, “What’s Walmart? Do they sell walls there?”

  6. They should have their names on say, disinfectant, crab killer, soap, vaginal infection cream, like that. Now, that would be truth in advertising.

  7. Ha ha, Sears is a huge joke. Every time I go in one in the mall, there are racks and racks of clothes they can’t seem to give away and there are very few customers. How are they staying in business is the big question. And another big question is how much $$$ do the skanky “K’s” need.

  8. I hate to admit this, but I saw their clothing line on HSN or maybe was it QVC a few months ago and the line was great! I mean whomever put the effort in to that collection it was brilliant. It’s really very good. Seriously, all woman need to see it before making bad comments…you all will be surprised!

  9. “We always shopped at Sears”

    Sure they did. I also believe they never wanted any of this, but it was forced, forced on them by that slime ball who released Kim’s sex tape, also something she never wanted. She didn’t want to pose nude for Playboy after that either, but that old scoundrel Hugh Hefner knows how to play women like a fiddle and confused the panties right off of her.

    If the Kardashians say it, I’m on board, yessireee.

    I’ve always wondered who actually shops at Sears, which as Indy observed, is typically the emptiest store in the mall whenever I’m there too.

  10. I’m not a fan of either of the girls. However, all three are actually very pretty. What is surprising is that the tall one (Khloe) is really more beautiful away from her sisters. They are so darn short and with teeny tiny frames, that they make her look like a giant. If you put Khloe with other tall actresses, she blends nicely and is very pretty. Plus, she doesn’t look big boned at all. She just looks average.

    Kim and Kourtney have body frames like a little kid. They make everyone look tall and fat beside them.

  11. Good point Walt. I read somewhere that Khloe is 5’7″ which is my height and I am by no means a giant. The other sisters are 5’1 or so with petite frames, so the difference really stands out when they’re standing together. Still, people say awful things about her.

  12. I really wish these girls would take a rest from all their product hawking. I guess that’s not likely to happen. Of the three, I prefer Khloe. She comes across as most down-to-earth and sensible.

  13. Racism, Homophobia… Misogyny. We’ve seen it all here and weathered the storm… (or should I say the “strom?”)

    But I draw the line at any or all of those revolting Kardashians being compared with legitimate actors.

  14. Helena: they are not billed as “actresses” (yet). The problem (as I see it) is overexposure. In small doses they are tolerable and even have good humor about themselves and play off each other interestingly (believe it or not). The “momager” needs to pull back on the reins before the overload explodes and kills them all. The public can only take so much. Same thing is happening with the “Beiber”, and it did with Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan. Too much, all day, all the time, we can’t catch a break from hearing their names or seeing their mugs. I think it’s career suicide if you rely on the public for your livelihood.

    And the public just DOESN’T NEED that damn many “celebrity perfumes”. Who’s WEARING that shit anyway????

  15. Thanks Denise. 🙂 I believe Khloe is around five feet ten inches. She and Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz seem to be around the same height. Both Kim and Kourtney has the tiny frame of a four grader.

  16. Reta; I was just poking a bit of fun at Walt’s previous comment wherein he compared Chloe to “other actresses”… just a lil’ sarcasm.

  17. Sears should focus on providing quality products. Instead, it spends money on “stars” to detract from the poor quality of its products and service.

    How long can Sears and Kmart survive with poor-quality products and empty stores ?

  18. Sears should Kan those K*nts for furthering the downfall of society.

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