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Guess who! Click Here to find out who this music icon is making a mad dash to catch a flight at LAX airport.

It’s KD Lang, not looking her best. Click Here to see her looking considerably better, singing Roy Orbison’s “Crying”

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  1. I wonder who is her main squeeze. I heard a rumor it was a younger man who is not well known. I forget his name and forget where I heard the rumor.

  2. kd lang still has the most amazing voice. I heard her in concert in London in January this year and she received 4 standing ovations. She is amazing. I understand she is a Buddhist and lives a very simple life somewhere in Southern CA.

  3. Sorry Jasper, but someone was BS’ing you if they told you k.d. lang is dating a man.

  4. Janet, everyday you post a homosexual on your site in order to elicit hatred. Why do you keep doing this?

    That will explain this HORROR-SCENE!!

  6. It’s certainly k d alng herself and she’s living in laurel canyon, CAL in a log cabin with her parthner jamie price. they’ve been together for 6 or 7 years.
    kd is amazing and sings like no other singer on this planet.besides a great and incredible person who supports young people from disfuncional families, gives concerts to support music education for the young. One of these incredible humans who do and live for good cause. they make this wolrd make sense.

  7. Um….Pop star? I’m a fan of her music, but would never consider it “pop”.

  8. kd lang can dress any way she feels like. Or is it illegal? Does America suddenly have a dress code?
    She is gifted with the most beautiful voice in the world-and I, for one…am delighted to be on the receiving end. We will never hear a voice like hers for many generations.
    Keep up the good work, kd.

  9. ……..”everyday you post a homosexual on your site in order to elicit hatred. Why do you keep doing this?……”
    I have noticed that too, Tofer. But sadly it’s also typical of America. While the rest of the world moves ahead, America moves backwards. It’s all the freaking jesus people that live here.

  10. kd lang has the most awesome voice. I don’t recognize her in the picture. She’s obviously put on a few lbs. I wish she’d put out more music. Her voice is like butter!

  11. He looks like a real hot stud to me, I’d do him in a heartbeat!!

  12. Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that kd has been putting out some pretty nice music lately! Try HMV! As far as her dress goes, who cares! As long as she is comfy with all the travelling she does to entertain her fans, what she wears is just fine! And yes, the USA sure is in a mess! But they do happen to have a hitler don’t they for a pres.!!!! And I bet there are a lot of men that would date kd lang! Lynda.

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