Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese must be the hottest property in the fashion business. She seems to be spokesperson for a LOT of products. Latest of her acquisitions is a deal with Wonderbra. The Wonderbra was the rage of the early 90’s – they were so ubiquitous that people used to joke that landfills were piled high with Wonderbras and Evian bottles. The company wants to boost their image again so they hired Dita to design some retro-inspired lingerie and she’ll be introducing her collection in Paris next month.

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  1. How copuld such a hot piece of ass been married to a friggin disaster…Mansen.
    Jeremy Piven is acting like a fourth grader, he is so taken by her.
    She should change her last name to tease.

  2. SKELETAL “Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse was taped in a harrowing ecstasy, cocaine and crack binge at a party just hours before she stumbled into a court to support her jailed husband, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported last night . The 19-minute video shows the addled, stringy-haired star lurching around in a grubby vest at a party early Friday at her trendy pad. Within seconds of greeting guests, she snorts powdered ecstasy on the corner of a credit card, then inhales cocaine, according to The Sun. Just before 5 a.m., she heads up to her bedroom, where she squats on a leopard-skin print bedspread and primes a glass pipe with rocks of crack, fires up and inhales, the paper says. Pals ask her to go out with them, but she mutters: “I’d be useless to you because I’ve had about six Valium,” according to the report. Hours later, unsteady on her feet, Winehouse was photographed outside court to support her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, awaiting trial on charges of assault and perverting justice.

  3. here’s what i think janet, those shoes dita is wearing!! where can i get some? they’re gorgeous!!

  4. Dita von Ho..married to the devil Marilyn Manson, posed for Playboy, daliances with women….a Picture Perfect Profile of a Prostitue Pig.
    PPPPPPPiss on her.

  5. Another over hyped no talent female who learned how to apply make up from a Ringling bro’s clown.

  6. Personally I don’t have anything against her but she is a bit plain looking and has basically gotten somewhere by taking off her top. You go girl!

  7. Yes she’s an overhyped soon to be overexposed drug using albino implanted SEXWORKER aka a prostitute I am POSITIVE she turns tricks for the wealthy. Like DUH she was married to MARILYN MANSON the biggest dope sex freak in show biz next to Wino and LiLo.

  8. having had the recent pleasure of seeing her up close at the grove, I have nothing but great things to say about her. she is the first and only celebrity I have ever seen that actually looks like she does in photos. I was very pleased. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder is smitten. I have seen people like that ugly gwen stefani in person and she is ugly so wrinkled and deprived looking unlike her photos where she looks gorgeous. gwen was a total disapointment, where as dita looked just as luminous as she does in photos. demi moore another huge disapointment with her cigaretter lines around her lips so thick she can practically hold a cig right in those wrinkles, mathew perry actually looks a lot like his photos too. I love La Dolce Dita. 🙂

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