The worst nightmare of Whitney Houston’s family has come true. A photo of her in her open casket is on the cover of The Enquirer. (Why the family didn’t have a closed casket after the hotel photos leaked is a mystery to us, but…) Of course this appalling photo raises the question of WHO DID IT? Who betrayed the grieving family and sold this photo? Everyone is pointing a finger at each other, but let’s consider the facts. It’s most likely someone rather hard up for money. Whitney’s questionable brother? We doubt if the culprit is actually family. We deduce that an entourage member who is suddenly completely jobless and without resources, is guilty. We wonder if this cover will sell like Elvis did…



  1. Based on this degraded image, I think the funeral home did a very good job in restoring WH’s looks for a final time.

    This image appears to have been photographed in the funeral home during the body’s viewing, I only hope the funeral home staff is not responsible for this leaked photo.

    Photographing the body in the casket is a common practice, I do not think it is appalling.
    I think it is appalling that people want to make money from another human being’s suffering.

  2. This is not unexpected. Hopefully, it isn’t a family member that sold the photo.

  3. Despicable in every way!! Janet, could you not have a link over to this picture? At least give a person an option as whether they want to see the photo or not! This pic sure isn’t appealing to me whatsoever. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  4. The National Enquirer has sunk to an all time low. This rag mag is only fit to cover the bottom of the trash can before you put the garbage bag inside of it. The person in charge who gave the go ahead claiming that this is the final photo should be boiled in oil, and that is meant to be a serious statement!!

  5. post-mortem photos are standard procedure, and in many localities required by law, but if we have to blame someone let’s blame Strom ;->

  6. Look. She’s quite dead and it’s SHOW BIZ remember? The biz of SHOW.

    The fam should have put nanny cam’s in that room or had a team of guards watching the body at all times.

  7. Um, security escorted Bobby Brown out of the funeral for no obvious reason…at least not that we know of…??

  8. Bring out your dead! Think, Monty Python. Bring out your dead!
    That’s what we’re doin here.
    Ghouls…all of us.

  9. How can this surprise anyone???? This happens with every mega-celeb death now. There were pix of John Lennon and Elvis, and of course the Enquirer put Michael Jackson’s morgue photo on the cover. It is sad that this photo was taken and sold, but hardly surprising. There was cell phone video of Saddam Hussein’s execution all over the Internet-as are autopsy shots of Marilyn Monroe and JFK. And murder victims are no exception – Sharon Tate and Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene photos easy to find. Commercial death photos are just a sad fact of life, now.

  10. Big deal. She looks great. We all die. So what? How is this photo disgusting?

  11. It was only a matter of time before a photo like this surfaced. Don’t have an open casket if you don’t want a leaked photo.

  12. I find it more disturbing that they “claim” to have buried her with half a million bucks worth of jewelry. I doubt it’s true, but they have now encouraged some idiot to try and dig her up.

  13. i heard they put tracking devices in various parts of the corpse just in case…like those devices put into animals and I heard that all celeb kids have tracking devices in case of kidnap.

  14. They would never bury her with anything of value. What’s to stop grave robbers?

    I’m also so cynical that I find none of this (photographing her dead body and selling the photo) to be surprising.

    I read that her sister said at the funeral that she looked like she did in her video “Greatest Love of All” and asked people to imagine it. I assumed that meant she was buried in the dress she wore in that video. Does anyone know if in fact that is the dress?

  15. Denise, one of the shows, Insider, I think, said the dress was from her last movie, Sparkle. She loved purple and the dress is purple.

    The person who said they will never bury her will the jewels is correct. Not for those reasons tho. If they are HER jewels, and not lent by a jewelry store, then they are part of the estate and therefore would most likely belong to Bobbie Christina. Hope she doesn’t spend it all on drugs and alcohol like her mother did.

    Also, who do funeral homes shove up the heads like that? It looks horrible. No neck. Her chin is on her chest! Why not put a shall support under the neck like they do during the autopsy, and then a very flat pillow under the head?

    I will NEVER go thru this. No body, no funeral, no crying sobbing family. My father used to say “if you want to give me flowers, give them to me while I’m alive and can smell them.” HE had no funeral, at his request, and I don’t even know where he is buried, IF he is buried. Sounds good to me.

  16. hey starfish that’s pretty tame wallpaper by your standards. believe me i know.

  17. The Strom impersonator needs to get a life.

    Big deal on the photo, she looks better in it than she has for many, many years.

  18. There is a quote from the funeral home that the family told them not to discuss it, so it sounds like it’s probably them. The most numerous entourage members who are suddenly jobless are the family members (particularly the mother, famous or no).

  19. Bobby would pry the lid off if he thought there was half a million in there

  20. We all got to die.. she died pretty.. Grave robbers are a bigger bother now.. They buried her with designer gown and $500,000 in jewelry.. in that 30,000 gold lined cassette.Armed security guards have been placed at Whitney Houston’s grave to prevent grave robbers from plundering £300,000 worth of jewels and clothing the singer was buried in.

    Round-the-clock guards are protecting the plot at the Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey, despite the area being closed to the general public earlier this week.

    A source told the Daily Star: ‘There is a very genuine fear that her coffin will be targeted by grave robbers.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2105712/Whitney-Houston-grave-armed-guard-robbers-target-300k-jewels-casket.html#ixzz1nKEI6shR

  21. Did they remove the implants? Very stupid to discuss what she was buried with as it will become a target for robbers.

  22. @Walt Cliff,
    I am Not trying to change the subject, but I heard through the grapevine that in December
    Santa Claus is coming to town!!

  23. No way they buried her with jewels. For money what would people do?

  24. She looks peaceful and Beautiful laying there without a care in the world.

  25. It is hard to turn down easy money and some one must had really needed this money to do something like that but that is the way of the world..Even after your Died some one is always going to stab you in the back.

  26. No matter if Your Rich or Poor some one is always going to be negative and to do something like this is greed and the person must really need money and though what the Hell…Harm is not going to bother this woman…It is just a picture and the money was used to pay off some bills for that person.

  27. No matter if Your Rich or Poor some one is always going to be negative and to do something like this is greed and the person must really need money and though what the Hell…Harm is not going to bother this woman…It is just a picture and the money was used to pay off some bills for that person.People are always going to do what they want to and lets face facts easy money.

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