Back in early 2022, Sandra Bullock made headlines when she announced she was “burnt out” and taking a break from acting. The news was unexpected and completely out of character for hard working Sandra. Now we know the heartbreaking reason for the Hollywood hiatus. Sandra’s longtime and very handsome partner, Bryan Randall passed away a few days ago after a 3 year battle with ALS, and Sandra wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. An insider says that after news of Bryan ‘s death became public, Sandra emailed friends and associates revealing it was his decision to keep his health battle private and explaining why she’s been missing in action the past year or so. The more Bryan’s disease robbed him of life, the more time Sandra spent with him, leaving little free time for anything else. SO sad…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Now she can reunite with the only true love of her life…Jesse James

  2. That is so sad to hear. When she finally found happiness it had to elude her once again. She is such a wonderful woman, always nice and talkative. She loves salsa dancing and even told me if I could find a new club in N.Y., she would go with me. Even when taking a walk in Austin, some friends of mine were moving and she asked them if she could help after striking up a conversation. What other Hollywood star would take the time. Only Sandy!

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