Whitney Houston’s financial status remains a mystery despite RadarOnline’s claims that she’s dead broke. Back in 2006 she was accused of being broke, denied it, and then held a giant garage sale and unloaded all her touring stuff collected through the years. Whitney IS a big spender and drugs are not cheap either. But she’s been through rehab and Whitney is filming “Sparkle” with Jordin Sparks – she plays Jordin’s stage mother. It’s a remake of the 70’s movie starring Irene Cara and Lonette McKee about a 60’s girl group in Detroit. Her people deny that Whitney is hurting money-wise, but we’ve heard that before. Hopefully her new film will set her on the right path.



  1. Who cares? Bad career move for Jordin Sparks. She neds to dump her agent and get a new one PRONTO! She hasn’t exactly been lighting up the sky since she won her year as Idol. In fact, she one of the easiest forgotten ones, so she better step it up and I know it isn’t her fault but her handlers. Jordin shouldn’t associate herself with this over-it loser who has lost her voice along with her money according to the last times she has sung in public. She, Whitney, is done, cooked, finesimo. Too bad she didn’t stay a legend like Etta James, the late, great “At Last” perfection!

  2. Whitney is flat ass broke is the what I can’t get over. What a waste. Jordin run!

  3. This is what happens to lesbians…Whitney has gone after more female bush than anyone this side of Hillary and Queen Latifah. She has been propped up by the record company and like BLACK pervert Michael Jackson will have to sell her residuals from old songs. To say she can act or even string 3 lines of words together is a joke.

  4. Parft of the reason she is broke is she is (and has) spent tons of money on Bobbi Kristina in and out of substance abuse rehab. These rehab center are very very expensive. Poor kid watches her mama for years be a druggie and now she is trying to mimic her. So sad. I never liked Whitney and I do think she is crazy. As nuts as Bobby Brown is, he should be glad they split.

  5. She looks good due to Photoshop and much makeup….she doesnt look good in person but most who meet her are paid to service her…..lesbo’s!

  6. The odds are high that WHit was between that girls thighs during the filming. She is said to have a voracious appetite for female sex.

  7. she is a big ass bitch with a small ass brain. she deserves this fate! maria carey watch ur back less u may go the sem path as ds bitch!

  8. every time she tried something media condemned her….why not get high!>

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