So Heidi Klum finally came to her senses. We weren’t the least bit surprised to learn that her 48 year old husband Seal’s bad temper was the cause of the split. We always wondered why she put up with his nasty disposition. Years ago we were huge fans of Seal and met him at a Hollywood party. We approached him in a pleasant, polite way but found him to be surprisingly unfriendly and arrogant, with a macho attitude. His poisonous disposition and manners didn’t seem to change throughout the event. We later heard more stories about his negative behavior and were shocked when Heidi Klum married him. The twosome never stopped raving about how wonderful the other one was. (Who were they trying to convince?) Seven years and several kids later, hardworking “Project Runway” host Heidi, 38, is super successful and Seal’s career is stagnant at best. Heidi grew tired of all the angry outbursts and apologies and she’s moving on with her life.


  1. With her being much more successful, his pride is hurt whick makes him even more prone to angry outbursts. TMZ has caught him many times cursing, smashing cameras, etc.

  2. It seems when people make such a splash about how much in love they are, make a big show about renewing wedding vows every year, that they are the most unhappy couples. But I understand how she would want to get away from the temper issues. It’s not good for the kids, either.

  3. If this is indeed the case, I hope she has learned something about her choice in men. I also hope she doesn’t plan on having a flock of children with someone else.

    I feel sorry for the little girl that Seal adopted as his own. Not only did that little girl lose her biological father, but now her adoptive father too. Hopefully he stays closely involved all of the children’s lives.

  4. I have to say I never saw this one coming but if he is so nasty then what attracted her to him in the first place? It can’t have taken more than 6 months for her to realize he has a bad side.

  5. She is a beautiful woman. He is a good singer (liked “Crazy”).

    Both of them have always come across as arrogant to me. Hope his temper does not include physical abuse. That makes me wonder.

  6. She was dicktamize by his big black cock. It’s OK Heidi I understand. Since you have your own money and kids u can always visit but u can’t stay. Have a good time then go back to kids.

  7. and why did she have so many babies with him? it’s not like she is going to get lots of alimony and child support from him so that can’t be why.

  8. They had children together because they were in love and wanted to spend their lives together. Duh!
    Neither one will probably pay the other any alimony and I also doubt there was any cheating going on. Sometimes people who are just too busy with their “work lives” grow apart. Putting work before your love and family leads to just this kind of result.

    I thought they were great together and madly in love, and I believed it as true. It looked real, genuine, and lucious, enviable. I hope they manage to work it all out and stay together, not just for them, but for the kids.

  9. Maybe Heidi will get back together with the great Flavio Briatore of F1 fame. He fathered her first kid.

  10. This couple is another Tom/Katie and Will/Jada, trying way too hard to make us think they had the greatest sex life and were so in loooooove.

  11. He’s a cheater and a beater. Most cheaters beat, to control. She, like JLo got reality slapped by their teams.

    Those bm ww interracial relationships just don’t seem to work very well unless the guys are old like Poitler and Belafonte as for the younger bm they diss their own race of woman and lo and behold treat non black women like trash. Hmm. I see a pattern. So when I hear black dudes diss black women I tell them to shut the hell up.

  12. I knew he was a jerk a long time ago. I only wonder why it took her so long to wise up and dump him.

  13. the commentaries are so nasty ,idiot or even racist:every couple has some up and down and i don’t think to curse paps is a trouble and i feel they will be like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
    Seal always will be better than Briatore (he adopted Leni)
    my feeling is that they were too often separated by their works (Seal has a great career in Europe)

  14. The Zip is coming around to reality. BLACK/white dont work and the BLACK guys are always looking for a new place to put their meat. She is a beauty but a damn fool to have borne half breed kids with this total monkey. Poor children….Heidi will be much bettter off by herself and hopefully will go white right away.

  15. Yes going back to little dick men, Aww. Oh well at least they have money and can be cuckold.

  16. Hello I think u are right. I recall reading an interview she gave when they first met, and yeah she was dickmatized by him.

  17. Publicity stunt to sell an album cause previous music has flopped hard.

  18. Guess she found out that sex isn’t the only thing in a relationship. He hasn’t had a hit song in decades; I’m surprised he’s even still relevant. His ego must not be able to take Heidi’s monstrous success, thus the temper tantrums. Moron.

  19. Well, it appears that Seal has got “auf”-ed. One day he’s in, the next, he’s out.

  20. Asshole, arrogant, boring singer appeals only to vacuous house cows.
    She probably got what she deserved, but there is a medical procedure which will fix her wind tunnel.

  21. Strom I’m not on your side I’m on the side of the truth. At the gym on basketball courts…black dudes bring up black women and how this and that they are. I wonder why they diss their women to me? Sometimes, yes the dudes are trolling for some down low homo sexing UGH. Otherwise why come to me with your complaint. I’ve been noticing…they aren’t married, don’t live with their kids, etc. But use their women as scapegoats for their shortcomings.

    As for Seal he’s well known for shouting at Heidi in public..can you imagine what goes down behind closed doors? CHEATER and BEATER.

  22. The goal of the BLACK is always for a white woman. Maybe only for a quickie but Heidi must have been a true dingy to marry this ugly and extremely black BLACK. Hopefully now she wont make the same mistake again but has a flock of half breed kids to deal with.

    Seal will absolutely try and find him another white woman and some stooge will go along with it.

  23. Foe the zip to take up for skank J Lo is amazing.

    Black Seal is smiling like the cat who just sampled the cream. Send him quickly to Uganda and let him try his moves on some of his own.

  24. When Seal first made it big he gave an interview on Much Music and his story about how he got his facial scars FREAKED me out! It was too long ago for me to remember details but it was the way he spoke about why he got the scars that freaked me out. He seemed messed up and, yes, macho. Like he’d gone through something traumatic but never got over it and was still angry over it.
    Angry, macho love song singer…yes he is…lol

  25. This foolish picture is what any white woman in a black/white relationship looks like. Think about it!

  26. Seal seems to be out trying to score w/ a new blonde. Certainly not with an African/

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