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At yet another W.E. premier in New York at the Ziegfeld Theater, director Madonna distinguished herself by going retro. She had her hair done in fingerwaves and wore a 1930’s inspired evening gown, similar to the look her characters in the movie have.


  1. She looks good. I saw the movie. It wasn’t bad, although the Abbie Cornish character is a bit dreary. The Wallis Simpson bits are brilliant though. If only there was more of Wallis and less of the modern story.

  2. THis story has been told so many times before. Don’t directors go to film school. Lately it seems like anybody is a “director”, “songwriter” getting credit for somebody else’s work.
    Again covering her granny hands.

  3. It’s blatantly obvious, from the last few photos I’ve seen, that Madonna is trying it hide something. My money is on her aging body. The exercise isn’t paying off anymore.

    It is quite sad that a woman that acts so confident and has sooo much, really is so insecure that she is trying to hide behind some hideous get up. Talk about vain!

  4. Denise, yes, she does look her age her. I think seeing her with the shorter hair has somehow startled me a bit. She looks so much better with the shorter hair.

    Is it just me or does she remind anyone else just a little of Faye Dunaway?

  5. Diva: Brutal!—and so true! 🙂

    We see some Dunaway happening there, too—but more than anyone else, she’s been channeling Mae West—especially as her boyfriends keep getting younger.

    Someone said that Madge will probably help the parents pick out a name for her next one, LOL 🙂

  6. One of the things women give up after 50 is ironic dressing. Vintage, beehives, nerd glasses and any others homages to other eras .. all must be retired. It’s sad but it’s true. Madonna, along with filling her face with goop, covering her ropey hands, and gawd knows what other procedures, has refused to accept this tenet.

  7. (The above named with a small ‘c’ is not mine, not that it matters).

    She is dark, very dark, on the inside, and very scary.

  8. I see the evil Queen B is covering up her ugly man arms that were on display at the Golden Globes.

  9. What’s with the roots and greasy hair? I won’t even start on those claws. Is she still using that cheesy English accent?

  10. She reminds me of stinky, old cheese.

    The stuff NO one can go near without throwing up a little bit in their mouths.


  11. This disgusting Woman was last relevant in 1984. Won’t she just go away?

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