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It’s obvious that the girls love Entourage star Jeremy Piven, – he can’t even walk to his favorite store in Beverly Hills- Huge Boss- without getting admiring glances from women and girls passing by. It’s just never the RIGHT girls. Jeremy,42, struck out with his crushes Megan Fox and Dita Von Teese. Maybe that’s why he’s still single.

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  1. He looks smokin’ but we all know that’s dolls hair under that cap. Am I really the only person left who thinks Piven would look better without plugs?

  2. Sad, but people still do stare when they see midgets walking down the street


  4. Mostly from FAGGOTS though:
    ……………….because it’s: NOT DONE.

  5. Isn’t it Hugo, not huge Boss? He’d look older w/o the plugs and that’s a no-no in showbiz.

  6. He’s gross and jewy. He’s a dime a dozen in this town.

  7. Here is Jeremys problem. At 42 he doesn’t know how to close. First Jeremy, YOU NEVER LET ANY WOMAN KNOW YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THEM. iN DOING THIS, YOU GIVE UP THE POWER IMMEDIATELY. He needs to figure out…for instance, Megan felt that other 3 name douche was 30 and too old for her. So how is 42 going to go over. Dita would be a good fit, but look who she was married to, that unstable weirdo. Bottom line, treat women like dirt, that is all they respond to.

  8. Treat women like dirt? That’s all they respond to? So very, very wrong. Maybe that’s the kind of women that writer is attracted to, which says a lot more about him than even the losers with no self-respect that he desires. Jeremy Piven came onto me during a work function in LA. Like the owner of a fixated pit bull, his publicist had to call him off and get him to sit elsewhere and leave me alone. He was funny and charming and rather nice-looking. He was nice to me, and that’s what I responded to. If he’d been an ass and treated me like dirt, I would’ve left the room as any self-respecting woman would.

  9. PS – did you ever think the reason Jeremy struck out with Megan Fox and Dita Von Teese is because those bimbos only want someone who’s a big hot movie star with multimillions who’ll let them call the shots? And that their rejection of him had nothing to do with him, but everything to do with their slutty, golddigging, control freak selves?

  10. Mr. Obama could have won the election with Hillary.
    Because of Mr. Obama

  11. “Treat women like dirt? That’s all they respond to? So very, very wrong.”
    Really, how many women have you dated? I have dated hundreds. The worse you treat a woman(not physically) the more they want you. Women all say they want a nice guy, but they sleep with the A holes. I am poroud to be an A hole. The nice guys walk down the street and go home alone.
    I will prove my point. Women always complain about how the men they sleep with are jerks. Yet they are sleeping with them. Women have the nice guys take them to dinner and the movies. While out, they text the jerks to sleep with later.
    Before you ladies tell me I wrong; Exactly how many women have you dated?

  12. Hey idiot, I’m a woman and I don’t put up with jerks like you. The ‘nice guys’ you mention are probably more like the ‘wimps’ who are nice because they’re afraid to be confident and therefore come across as doormats. No women likes that kind of guy. But being a woman all my life, I can tell you that guys who mistreat me–and my friends are the same–are shown the door immediately. Just as women cannot be divided into the Madonna or Whore camps, men cannot be thrown into two camps–Nice Guy and Jerk. Take it from a woman with self-respect who won’t put up with assholes like you: women like non-doormat men who are confident and assertive…but who treat them well. What type of low-self esteem women are you hanging out with? Don’t you have the balls to ask a confident, self-respecting woman out?

  13. I seriously DOUBT you and your fat friends have shown the door to *ANY* man. You come off as a real hag.
    Think about that the next time you are out buying batteries for your “confident, assertive, boyfriend.”

  14. 9:30pm I term women like you and your friend “large and in charge”. You wouldn’t rate higher than 4 or 5 out of ten on any guys looks scale. The reason I know this is at 9:30pm on Saturday night, you were crying to this blog at home. I doubt any guy gives you a second look, let alone a first.
    “What type of low-self esteem women are you hanging out with? ” I’m bangin 9’s &10’s. The better looking the woman, the lower the self esteem, and I exploit that fact. I’m the Ahole who gets laid.

  15. Any man who refers to it as bangin’ and writes so crudely only knows about sex and nothing about women or true passion or anything. If that’s all you want, cool. By the way, neither my friends nor I are fat. Never have been, creepoid. We’re happy, fit people with tons of friends and get along well with our lovers (unlike you). I would feel kind of sorry for you if not for the fact that you sound quite angry and hate women. Got a small dick? And the reason I’m home at 9:30 on Saturday night is because unlike you, I have sex at all hours of the day and night with the great guy I live with and don’t have to go out to the bar when it opens on Saturday evening and spend all my money trying to get some poor unsuspecting girl drunk in order to get laid, ha ha. And while I’m on this site having a blast, my guy’s laughing at you too. Then we go at it like minks. All while you’re trying to get some self-loathing chick liquored up so you can trick her and mistreat her into doing you. Gross pig! I think you secretly love me because you keep checking my posts. I check back to see if you get angry enough to perhaps go on one of those American killing sprees you guys are always doing.

  16. “…By the way, neither my friends nor I are fat. Never have been, creepoid. We’re happy, fit people with tons of friends and get along well with our lovers (unlike you)…..”
    August 31, 2008 5:37 PM
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA riiiiiiiiight, so how’s Weight Watcher’s working out for ya?
    I’m sure you have tons and tons of everything….’cept friends.

  17. “And the reason I’m home at 9:30 on Saturday night is because”
    You are a fat & fugly 5.

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