What did Criss Angel have to do with Pamela Anderson’s impulsive filing for divorce from Rick Salomon? Pam filed Friday and she was seen partying with Criss at LAX in Las Vegas on Saturday, according to Vegas columnist Norm Clarke. By Sunday, Pam and Rick had started reconciling. We can’t help but wonder if Criss was the CAUSE of the temporary bustup or just a shoulder for Pam to cry on. Somehow we feel he’s involved. And keep in mind, Criss is Tommy Lee’s new best friend.

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  1. Janet, this Pam story is at least a week old. Why are you bringing it up now? Don’t you have any ‘scoops’ for your fans. Come on Janet.

  2. Just when we were thinking Pam’s marriage would be: loving, faithful, monogamous, drug free, booze free, damn, here she is up to her old tricks again. We were sure her sweet demure marriage to Rick would last forever. NOT. Maybe Rick, Pam, Criss, and Tommy could have a four-some. Now there’s something that’s never been done in Tinseltown. Yes?

  3. She must lose brain cells with every botox and plastic surgery she gets, who else would go back and forth back and forth with Tommy and Kid rock and marry 4 X and then divorce and marry again and file for divorce and go back and forth with new husband and ex boyfriend, not to mention the boyfriends in between she kept going back to, she’s a real nut if there ever was one.

  4. I thought implants needed to be attached to a brain to survive in the wild.

  5. She needs plastic surgery, she looks way older than 40, what a mess, I guess straight guys just focus on her tits and avoid that hag’s face.

  6. Well, mabye there is something going on between her and Criss, but it could still be just 2 friends hanging out. I mean I’ve had girls come up to me and hang out when they broke up with someone or got in a fight with them and nothing happened so why is it that the press always gotta asume that there’s some scandle or whatever goin on? I think the press keeps their heads in the dumpster and always thinks the worse things possible and and always tryin to make out all the celebrities are having affairs all the time? I mean I hang out with girls from time to time, but it doesn’t always mean I’m sleeping with them or something.

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