First of all, we don’t necessarily think Sharon Osbourne is a racist – that important word is tossed around much too freely these days. However we DO think Sharon was wrong to defend the obnoxious Piers Morgan. Sure he – and everyone else – has a right to their OPINION. But we don’t have to LIKE him calling Meghan Markle a liar, among other things. His personal vendetta against her should be kept personal. We also didn’t like Sharon BLAMING producers and showrunners for “blindsiding” her. She said what she said. For many years we have covered Ozzie and Sharon, and all sources indicated that she is basically NOT a nice person, and like Morgan, sometimes feeds her own ego by demeaning others. (We totally BELIEVE Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini’s comments about Sharon.) She has always also been quite vulgar in her language (remember all the bleeps on the Osbournes reality show?) We were surprised that she could tone herself DOWN sufficiently for The Talk. Now she’s leaving the show and we have two complaints: #1 -Is she really being paid TEN million dollars to leave? That sounds SO wrong!
#2- The Talk has been slipping alarmingly in the ratings for the past year, and might be canceled. If it IS canceled, we predict Sharon will brag that it’s because SHE left!

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  1. Who cares what you like, Janet? Markle is a documented liar and is not a nice person.

    People are still allowed to have their own opinions and voice even if they don’t agree with you.

    Your taste in people has been proven to be bad. So, your defense of the golddigger doesn’t surprise me.

    I back Piers Morgan and I support Sharon Osborne. Both are entitled to say what they believe. You are part of the cancel culture and that is very offensive and small-minded.

  2. There is something really icky– perverted and violent–in the way Piers trashes Meghan, along the lines of “If I can’t have her, I’m make sure no one wants her.” Sharen was stupid to defend such a sick misogynist.

  3. It’s about freedom of speech.

    Piers should be allowed to say he doesn’t believe Ms. Markle and Sharon should be allowed to agree with him. Janet should be allowed to express her opinion as well.

  4. Hate speech may be protected legally but it is no longer accepted by society. Piers and Sharon knew this.

  5. Piers is correct in saying meagain is a liar and a complete fraud

  6. Harry sure has effed himself.
    A lot of forgiveness coming from his grandmother.
    Meghan should pay attention to this fact.
    But then she would have to see the world past herself.
    Seems to be a problem with that.

  7. Dan? When did saying, “I don’t believe what you are saying” constitute, “hate speech?”
    I don’t believe what you are saying.
    Feel threatened?

  8. Funny how no one said a word when Les Moonves was caught raping women at CBS and Julie Chen continued on her role on the Talk and Big Brother. Julie knew all along what he was doing.

  9. Janet, they paid out Sharon’s contract. That’s how it works.
    She’s gone, who cares?

  10. Meghan is the worst kind of person. She manipulates her way through life then plays the victim and destroys people when called out about it. What an UGLY person.

  11. I think Markle is a liar. That’s not hate speech. That’s me telling you I think she’s a liar. I’m entitled to say it, and so is Piers Morgan. These liars need to be called out but there are so many of them on a daily/hourly basis that the media has given up and has gone to calling it “telling their truth” instead of calling it what it really is.

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