Winning Celebrity Apprentice in 2012 changed Arsenio Hall’s life more than any previous winner’s. From ’89 to ’94 Arsenio’s talk show was hot and he was riding high. He was actually very funny and enthusiastic – the fact that he seems a little gay sometimes makes him even more interesting and colorful. After the show went off the air, Arsenio scrambled for small movie roles, TV guest spots, and voice-overs. In 2008, the recession hit him hard – he declared bankruptcy, claiming only $765 in assets. When Celebrity Apprentice came along, the drought was OVER, thanks to Donald Trump. His show debuts September 9 on CBS. (Above, Arsenio and Liz Taylor on his original show, below, Arsenio today.)



  1. I don’t have any idea if Arsenio is gay, but you Janet are despicable for outing him if he is!

  2. Arsenio was a great host. Unhurried and charming, easily able to keep a smooth conversational flow going. He got upset towards the end- he was bitter and angry for several episodes. He knew his show was being cancelled and mentioned it a lot.

    But he was really good, he managed to bring out details and led stars into candid- but not bare- disclosures that made them human. They certainly came off well from their appearances on his show. Kudos, Mr Hall.

  3. He wasn’t so nice. Recall when he claimed he was going to kick Jay Leno’s butt? His ratings tanked and Leno’s still around. Arsenio wasn’t even funny when he made the comments about Jay.

  4. I agree with Isis, I watched the night Arsenio made that comment about Jay Leno and his audience roared but why make that comment? Why not just do the best that you can do and entertain. As the poster said above, Jay Leno went on for years and Arsenio’s show was cancelled. Hope he doesn’t make the same mistake again. Its not good to believe your own adoration every night. Just focus on putting on a good show. People love to be entertained and will stay loyal to you. However, NO ONE has come close to the late Johnny Carson. He was the BEST!!!

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