Even her huge Chanel bag cannot camouflage the fact that Kelly Osbourne has been cheating on her food program. The fact that she’s wearing a covered up black dress in the middle of summer indicates that she’s conscious of the fact. The “Fashion Police” critic recently got a big engagement ring from her pretty boyfriend Matthew Mosshart, and maybe she’s been celebrating too much. Kelly admits that fighting her weight battles in public is not easy.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. She looked just fine on The View today. Trim and lovely. Her hair was another story, though. This picture is obviously not current.

  2. Even “thin” Kelly’s body has always looked sloppy.

    All her family has that I almost have Down syndrome look.

  3. What’s with you and the body shaming lately? Try posting a recent real photo of yourself and then we can talk.

  4. yuck, what a bush pig … a revolting family, all piggies … she looks like a Xtra large mexican midget wrestler … love those stubby fat piggy legs.

    Send her to ugly island

  5. I think she looks healthy and lovely.

    This is what real men want not obese women, not a sickly tooth pick. A real woman with real curves.

  6. oh. I don’t know, we really do prefer them fit, slender & sexy, with no waist, huge firm boobs and thin long legs … you know in shape.

    Generally, i admit we’ll sleep with anything, but if heres a choice No fatties please, shudder … and Kelly’s a real oinker

  7. That “real” women with “curves” is a slam at women who have slender builds.

    I’ve noticed it seems to be ok for a fat/chunky/stocky woman to tell a slender/slim/skinny woman that her body is wrong and bad. Funny how this type of woman howls, yowls, and cries “foul” when someone makes a comment about her weight; yet she does exactly the thing to other women.

  8. As Dick already said, “Ghastly”.

    She’s the kind of chick that men walk past in order to get to the hot chick at the next table.

  9. The “real” women can only get a portly man with a belly that hangs way over his belt! Ha!

  10. Kelly Osborne turns more heads than Behati Prinsloo (Adam Levine’s girlfriend). Yea, right. Take a look at the story posted after this one and tell us what you think.

  11. Kelly Osborne turns more stomachs than Behat Prinsloo for sure!

  12. She looks OK, give her a break. Or at least look at urself in the mirror….

  13. @Weaver – and I assume u look at least like Mr. Universe, dumbass, rite?

  14. @Weaver – maybe u prefer ur women to look unreal, dont speak for everyone. Thank god for diversity, otherwise we would all look like this Behati insect….

  15. Janet Charlton should not talk about anybody’s body or physical appearance with her face. No wonder she always held jobs behind the scenes. Talk about ugly. There you see it.

  16. Kelly, take it from someone who knows…if you want to keep that slim and trim figure you are going to have to diet for the rest of your life. Some of us are just not naturally slim. Good luck to you, girl. It gets old.

  17. I could care less about her weight what if she needs to lose a pound or 2 it isn’t like she is bed ridden for Gods sake . It is her hair that looks like shit

  18. getting fat is ok when your old, like after 3o, but before then its just gross

  19. i think Chips right, we’re horribly obese in this country, and its not ok. people need to exercise and have more self control. being fat is just plain ugly, unhealthy and will cost our social systems a fortune in extra costs, stop eating crap and get some exercise people.

    theres no excuse for not having self respect

  20. On a recent visit to NYC and Washington DC we were extremely shocked to see how large you Americans are.

    We had assumed the “epidemic” of obesity had been exaggerated in the press ( the way everything is ) but, it was disturbing to see so many people so unhealthy.

    Why ?

    Sorry for my Engish.

  21. Veronique, you haven’t been to Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, or Minnesota. In those states a size 14 is considered normal with many
    women being a helleva lot larger than that–mostly plus sizes.

  22. I love the way her piggy legs splay out to the side

    what a beast.

  23. It’s funny that Kelly Osborne and Christina aguillera are always on the opposite sides of the scale. Kelly was making fun of Christina being fat- accusing Christina of making fun of her when she is fat.. U wonder what xtina has to say now!!!

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