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If this is what Steve Wozniak did to Kathy Griffin, we’re glad the billionaire is no longer her boyfriend. We are, of course referring to Kathy’s Washington DC hostess hairdo. It’s way too conservative, considering her personality. Now that they’ve split up and Kathy says he has another girlfriend, we wonder if Steve was using Kathy to make himself more attractive to other women. Dating Kathy made him more desirable, right? It WAS a fun romance, but we prefer Kathy’s single world on “My Life on the D-List.”

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  1. I think WOZ got scared off when he found out that Kathy has a bigger KAWK than he does.

  2. IS IT A MAN?
    NOOOOOOOOOOO, it’s kathy griffin!!

  3. Truely when a billionare has to stoop as low as her. The guy is rich, but has no game. Even guys who are average bang 9’s & 10′. He needs lessons.

  4. Truely pathetic when a billionare has to stoop as low as her. The guy is rich, but has no game. Even guys who are average bang 9’s & 10’s. He needs lessons.

  5. I assume that the first time he saw her naked, without makeup on, it was “game over.”

  6. The more times the face and forehead are lifted, the more problematic the natural hairline becomes.
    Hence, the bad wig.
    If public information is to believed, she was only born in 1960, but Griffin seems intent on transforming herself into a woman of 70-something as soon as possible.
    She’s almost there.

  7. It’s hard to know what the truth really is about Kathy’s life…
    Everything — from that ugly conference center she lives in, to her personal relationships — seem to exist exclusively in service to her career.
    She is genuinely funny, and one of the most gifted mimics I’ve seen, but after the way she humiliated her then-husband and stiffed her then-“main gays,” I found it impossible to watch her shows.
    She seems to have a great family (liked her Ma & Pa, especially), but there is something off-putting about the way Kathy Griffin treats other people.
    One day she may wake up to discover that she is very much alone.

  8. The ‘Woz’ was too busy playing Half life all day so Kat had to move on.

  9. I think Kathy Griffin is awesome. If she thinks she needs to keep tweaking her face, that’s her issue, but she is one of the funniest people around. I thought she was great on New Year’s Eve when she co-hosted a show w/Anderson Cooper & I love her comedy. She’s a comedian – not a model – leave her alone.

  10. I.
    People who don’t love her, don’t get the joke.

  11. Steve Wozinak was a huge Toad…he was lucky to be with Kathy but I’m sure he hooked up with some young preppy girl who is after his money. He will get his!

  12. What Steve did NOT do for Kathy: Buy her a facelift and a good wig. She still has plenty of balls though and will make it just fine. It’s tough to be a stand-up comedian. I only really liked her, however, when she was on Seinfeld, where in her comedy routine she referred to Jerry as the devil.

  13. I think she got sick of having sex on the Segway.

  14. Hideous, unfunny loser. Give the wig backto Ronald MCDonald and GO AWAY!

  15. He’s a billionaire…..that’s about all the game he needs. That hennaed bag of bones isn’t going to help him pull women.

  16. I heard she was a real freak in bed… Maybe he wanted to test the waters.
    As in does her boat still float.
    Apparently it lacked a little man. Steve if you note is a rather stocky guy… Kathy probably just couldn’t keep up with him.
    No doubt, Kathy started sporting this new look to try and hook up with little boys.
    Like Marilou… All she needs now is a few lolli pops and she’ll be in there!

  17. To add to that, I’ll bet Steve probably gave Kathy a few new wrinkles…
    Watch her walk across the room, is her butt sticking up an inch or so higher ? Or is it still droopy.

  18. She was born in the 60’s… No way. I better say in the 70’s.
    She’s a feisty brawd, quick witted. Which is good in a way.
    Now, wonder how Woz ranked her about giving head.

  19. That guy was fat and disgusting and about as handsome as a warthog. She’s better off without him.

  20. She is a kunt.
    To know her is to loathe her.

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