There were many doubters when we wrote back on Feb 2, 2010, that Teri Hatcher’s character was going to be written off “Desperate Housewives.” Teri even denied it because SHE didn’t know it was going to happen. The show’s creator Marc Cherry fired Nicollette Sheridan without a backward glance, and he’s the one behind Teri’s departure. We told you that Marc didn’t think some of his actors were as “grateful” as they should be, and now we know who he was probably referring to. We surmise that when it became evident that Teri was leaving, Felicity Huffman packed her bags in a hurry.


  1. With Teri gone the show is done…really done! Cherry doesn’t know how to treat his talent. Teri was the shows protagonist and when you get rid of that the show is finished. She was the glue!

  2. Teri was never my favorite. After they got rid of the best actress, Nicollette Sheridan, everything started going down, eg. stupid story lines, whereas Nic kept it interesting.

  3. Bu, Teri was the glue? Don’t you mean she should be sent to the glue factory?

  4. Who will be our “middle class” heroine??? Everyone has ajob or a husband to support them. I enjoyed Terri’s storyline because she was working as a schoolteacher & her hubby was a plumber/hitman.

    Wisteria can’t just have upper middle class people in there even though we have the old couple in there. We still need a good, solid middle class family to give the Lane balance.

    And yes, I do watch this rubbish because of the writing and it used to be because of the acting. But if Marc Cherry decides he’s had enough of their crap, well, he’s the one in charge & that’s that.

    Wonder who will replace her if anyone? We now have Vanessa Williams replacing Ms. Sheridan in the sexpot area. So this will be interesting to see if Hatcher & hubby get replaced or if he just moves along to the end of the run.

  5. Teri just responded to the rumours ,that she is NOT leaving Housewives and have no idea where this rumour is coming from.

  6. I’ve watched it since the start and never liked Sheridan. Hatcher is good, so are the others. To me, what is killing it are the constantly moving in and out other people who are BORING and never feel like they are part of the rest of them. Can’t stand the new “bombshell” charactor (Vanessa Williams)who is too long in the tooth and is just irritating. No one seems to work, yet they all seems to have a lot of money, big houses fully furnished with nice things.
    LOVE Eva Longoria’s charactor, but a short Mexican model is hard to believe, or that she’d have two fat daughters and not get them in shape or ever let them grow overweight to begin with. That’s just not believeable.
    Also some of the script ideas are just too much, like having Terri’s charactor work as an online stripped-down housekeeper. STUPID!

  7. they’re negotiating now with all of the housewives.
    so relax, she will be back…what else is she going to do?
    more crappy smallville…..

    nicollette got fired because she was a nightmare, and
    everyone hated her.
    all the housewives (besides the real actress-felicity) need a reality check….they will be doing hallmark movies for 60k for 4 weeks if they’re not smart..

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