Okay, we’re going out on a limb here, but this photo of Ronni Chasen’s crashed car is EXTREMELY revealing. We’re talking about the handicapped card. As far as we can ascertain, busy, active Ronni was far from handicapped. People who don’t live in Beverly Hills might not be aware that many residents with money abuse the handicapped policy and obtain handicapped placards without an infirmity. Perfectly healthy people get to park ANYWHERE WITHOUT PAYING FOR AS LONG AS THEY PLEASE and they never get a ticket. (It’s ironic that the wealthiest residents don’t have to pay for parking.) This thoroughly infuriates both people with genuine handicaps because their spaces are taken, and people without handicaps who resent their cheating. (That’s us.) Newsman Joel Grover investigated this phenomenon and found MOST people with the placards are cheating and everybody else loathes them. Form your own conclusions.



  1. I conclude that her estate will wish she’d opted for dark upholstery—much easier to clean up for fast resale.

  2. Janet, this Woman was murdered and you focus on parking? How about some gossip?

  3. Say goodnight, Pippa. This item may prove invaluable (gossip-wise AND crime-solving-wise) when Ronni’s assailant turns out to be a very pissed-off person riding a wheelchair.

  4. Only someone with full access to her medical file can confirm if she was deserving of a Handicapped sticker. Right or wrong, people are given those stickers for various illnesses and conditions, and it is very difficult to decide what the line is that separates who is worthy or who is not.

    For example, I once worked with someone who had one leg, and had a Handicapped sticker, but he walked almost normally with his prosthetic leg, and I bet that he was confronted or sworn at at least a few times by some hot head who did not realize the guy had a disability.

  5. I’ve also known people w/ handicapped placards who have bad backs. They may seem healthy, but they do have physical issues and DO need those placards. Also, I can’t imagine that Chasen’s death has anything to do w/ the handicapped placard… I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on the motive. I think it was either a very planned hit — Mafia style with five shots to the chest — OR, maybe a D.C. Sniper kind of thing… just some crazy deciding to do something even more crazy.

  6. It’s not just in Beverly Hills that able-bodied people abuse the handicapped parking passes. I know of several people who kept their parent’s passes long after the parent stopped needing them.

  7. To those who defend people with “bad backs” or a prosthetic leg but walk normally, having a disability does not automatically qualify you for a sticker. You must be significantly mobility challenged. Or should be. I have seen so called disabled people at my gym park in the disabled spot with a sticker as they gingerly pick up a full gym bag, slam it over their shoulder and walk without any apparent difficulty in the gym to work out. This is while I, in a wheelchair, cannot find parking forcing me to take two spots so I can park diagonally to use my ramp only to frequently come back to my van with a nasty notes telling ME what a low life I am for taking two spots!!!

  8. Good story…the police should go after the docs that issue the handicapped tags,,,,chances are you will find that it was a Doctor Goldstein who issued this tag to Roni Cohen (Chasen)..Yids must stick together!

  9. Strom, Blacks and Jews, Blacks and Jews. Sammy Davis Jr. must have driven you crazy!

  10. Often the issuing of Handicapped stickers is unethical. Unfortunately it is not illegal. So, like others, I fail to see how this is seen as an obvious factor in Chasen’s death.

  11. This is my #1 pet peeve. I see so many people that are NOT handicapped, I’ve even seen a truck with monster wheels in a space and wondered how a handicapped person would get in it. Just yesterday I saw 2 teenage girls park, jump out of the car and not even bat an eye. I once watched a woman, and she had walked half way to the Walmart door, and as soon as she saw me watching her, she started limping. My favorite saying:

    “Stupidity is not a handicap, park elsewhere.”

  12. Somebody surely has a “hard on” for this woman. This is NOT celebrity gossip, since none of us knew who the departed was.

  13. Well if Bristol Palin is a “Star”(as in Dancing with the Stars), then Chasen can be a celebrity.

  14. I have a Handicapped parking permit, and an invisible infirmary. People make rude comments to me that I don’t look like I need a permit. No I don’t look like it, but I have a very serious condition, and 5 feet from the door makes all the difference from 20 feet from the door. I use the closest space to the door at my high rise, and people resent it, because they can’t see that I am sick.

    PS You are supposed to take the card down when you drive.

  15. No hard-on here, Palermo, but when one of Hollywood’s biggest C-U-Next-Tuesdays (Lynda Obst, come on down!) is singing praises of admiration for the decedent, let’s just say the effect is not exactly complimentary.

    Things are not always as they appear on the surface, my boy, especially not in Hollywood, which is “where the truth, lies”—as surely everyone must know by now.

    Hey, Leona Helmsley probably had her share of cronies, too—it’s just that none of them happened to be maids, waiters, valet attendants—you know, “the little people…”

    Sounds like she and Ronni may have had a few things in common.

  16. Yep…1 anyway…Leona’s name was Rosenthal…you figure it out.

    Contrary to what was said above…issuing handicapped tags to those who arent handicapped is illegal.

  17. Strom, yes, my mistake. I meant to say that the issuing of Handicap stickers can fall in the gray area, and that, most often, the doctor’s signing off on one is more unethical than illegal.

  18. Um….can you say “poor taste?” Unless of course she was murdered because of her handicapped parking pass….

    Come on, Jan, you’re better than THIS.

  19. A denizen of the “creative community” that gifted the world with the likes of “Centipede” presumes to be an arbiter of taste. Thanks for the laughs, honey.

  20. This is a terrible case of a professional hit and the cops probably aren’t really worried about her having a handicap sticker.

  21. My best friend has issues with her knees and refuses to get surgery (yet). She has a placard which helps greatly for her. She has other issues too, but she looks completely fine.
    I know another person who has a bad heart and uses one of them, and problems with his legs. Again, no obvious disability, but it makes all the difference.
    It’s a shame so many people are so judgemental and assumptive. You shouldn’t have to tell total strangers your health problems to get them to leave you alone.

  22. strom: how is it that you always seem to know the “real name” of everybody Janet posts about? Do you just know the names of every Jew in the entertainment field or are you randomly pulling a name out of your diaper while looking for your “toys?”

  23. Strom, sees a Black and a Jew under every bed. The Jew is embezzling money, and the Black is trying to have sex with the closest white woman.

  24. Sal: When you castigate someone for speaking the truth, you merely draw attention to your own agenda.

  25. The truth is a hard pill for some to accept. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  26. Ronni Chasen was shot five times in the chest in one of the most brutal and senseless murders to date. And YOU have the gall to post a photo of her car and TALK ABOUT HER HANDICAP PERMIT?? Someone should issue you a handicap permit for your heart.
    GET A LIFE JANET CHARLTON – last time I’ll ever come on this site.
    Oy – you are heartless.

  27. “Lauren” seems upset—based on a rough translation of her post. Anyone here speak yiddish—or give a shite?

  28. The New York Post has reported that Ronni Sue Chasen had hip replacement surgery earlier this year in 2010 for one hip and was planning on having her second hip replaced and that, of course, would be a valid reason to have a CA DMV issued handicap parking permit in her car.

    It is odd that it was hanging off the rear view mirror of the car when she was found after being shot, however. Theoretically she wouldn’t have used any handicapped parking at the last place she was known to have been with her car, the W Hotel on Hollywood & Vine, as various reports have indicated that she used the valet parking at the W Hotel, although that may not have been the case.


  29. This is in really poor taste. She had the placard due to a recent hip surgery.

  30. …she did according to the NY Post(!)—sorry, that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Is it believable that this woman (who indeed looked younger than her 64 years) kept her surgery a secret? Absolutely.

    But it is also conceivable that one of her P.R. chums—aggrieved by all the unpleasant speculation about RSC post mortem, fed the fictional hip surgery storyline to the Post for publication? Yes, that is entirely possible, as well.

    “Public Relations” after all, is the name created by one of its earliest practitioners—Edward Bernays, nephew of Freud, who agreed with the US Government that “Propaganda”—the REAL term, didn’t sound so innocuous.

    Chasen-Cohen sounds like an avid practitioner of her trade, threatening a reporter for the LA Times that she “would have him killed,” if he didn’t write “nice” things about her boss—the embattled head of MGM.

    Fittingly then, her own demise, should reveal this obvious tension between the truth and something else, namely, “Public Relations.”

    And BeachBoy, if you really believe that everyone will accept the word of the Post (or any other US newspaper in 2010) as being the unvarnished truth, well, then, welcome back from your coma; you have an awful lot to catch up on.

  31. update.

    the suspect in this case committed suicide before being apprehended……………

  32. Ronni Chasen already had to have one damaged hip replaced and was going to have her other hip done soon. she was putting it off but she was in a lot of pain and walking just a block was excruciating for her. and that’s why she had a handicap sticker on her car.

  33. Scam alert……Ronni was using the handicapped tag for all she was worth! Probably issued by a Dr. Goldstein or Goldfarb….to the name changing Ronni!

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