Joel Grover


Okay, we’re going out on a limb here, but this photo of Ronni Chasen’s crashed car is EXTREMELY revealing. We’re talking about the handicapped card. As far as we can ascertain, busy, active Ronni was far from handicapped. People who don’t live in Beverly Hills might not be aware that many residents with money abuse the handicapped policy and obtain handicapped placards without an infirmity. Perfectly healthy people get to park ANYWHERE WITHOUT PAYING FOR AS LONG AS THEY PLEASE and they never get a ticket. (It’s ironic that the wealthiest residents don’t have to pay for parking.) This thoroughly infuriates both people with genuine handicaps because their spaces are taken, and people without handicaps who resent their cheating. (That’s us.) Newsman Joel Grover investigated this phenomenon and found MOST people with the placards are cheating and everybody else loathes them. Form your own conclusions.