You’d never guess it by looking at her, but Teri Hatcher’s days on “Desperate Housewives” are numbered. (She and her daughter Emerson are in Beverly Hills, above) It’s a big secret, but Teri’s character will be written off the show sometime next season – and she may not know it yet. Teri’s storyline has pretty much run it’s course and producers want to shake things up a bit so they’re brainstorming to come up with an outrageous and unexpected departure for Susan Mayer.


  1. I used to watch this show and enjoyed it, even as the storylines got… well more pathetic as time went on. But then got so bad, that I stopped watching it after Edi died, her character really made the show.

    I have to say that the Susan Mayer character gets annoying with to much clumsiness and silly antics. Although at least her character was allowed some growth, as in stopping going from man to man, time out to learn oneself.

    Well maybe I’ll watch it again if I have washing to fold.

  2. ummmm janet? her daughters name is EMERSON, i dont know where spencer came from….

  3. Teri looks like she is trying too hard and she definitely overacts. Good riddance. Nicolette Sheridan (Edie) was the best actress by far and the dumba**es killed her off. After that, the show went down.

    And, correct, the kid’s name is Emerson Rose.

  4. If Teri is a good actress, then I am the queen of GollyWeird. She has one dumb expression on her face, no mtter what the current story line is. Please resurrect Edie somehow, like bring her back as her twin sister.

  5. I wonder if there is a fire in the Hollywood Hills and Janet is getting smoke inhalation. First the Douglas kid is committing a nonviolent, victimless crime, now Teri’s daughter is suddenly named Spencer and whatever other screw up I am forgetting. I hope they keep her on screen husband, James Denton. He is quite yummy to watch.

  6. Janet cant even get Teri’s daughters name correct and we should believe someone trusted her with an inside scoop! I’m with you Midwester!!! I can count the things she got right on 1 hand and still have fingers left over!

  7. I agree with some of the above writers that they should have kept Edye, (Nicollette Sheridan). The show was best when she was collecting men and especially her friends’ exes. She is a great actress and she put some spice in this show that is really getting DESPERATE for some interesting story lines.

  8. I never miss the show and love all the housewives. The show only works because of the teamwork and focusing on each of them. What I wish they’d QUIT doing is introducing new people all the time and taking away from the regular story lines. Can’t they come up with enough to keep them busy without throwing in new people all the time? It drives me nuts!!

  9. lame lame lame….Teri Hatcher IS Desperate Housewives. Dont write off her character. What a lame lame lame lame laaaame move. The suits never know whats good for a show…shake things up??? come on, write better stories for these people. dont kill people off. Is this General Hospital or what? so lame

  10. I enjoyed Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan on DH, but I stopped watching long before you guys did. Actually loved Brenda Strong as narrator and heard they were going to get rid of her ages ago (I assume they did).

    I think for me the death knell of the show was when they brought in that family that had a secret murderer relative in the basement or something. Who cares. Loved the original cast though. It just started getting way too goofy.

  11. As everyone has pointed out, Teri Hatcher’s daughter is named Emerson Rose (presumably Tenney, since her dad is Jon Tenney).

    Maybe Spencer came from a confusion with Kelsey Grammar’s daughter, Spencer? (who is starring in a show called “Greek”, which I actually watched to see what she is like as an actress)

  12. …although Spencer Grammar and Emerson Rose (?tenney?) have different coloring, build, ages, so presumably would have been a confusion from reading things without any pictures or info…

  13. I agree the original cast was the best. When they started adding all kinds of different people seemingly every week it went crazy. No neighborhood has that many new neighbors regularly, it’s rediculous!!! And I also didn’t like it when they got rid of Bree’s original husband. I liked him, and her charactor when he was around. Edie was the only one knocked off that I don’t miss from the original cast, she was just TOO annoying and unbelievable!!

  14. Teri Hatcher probably has the biggest salary and biggest ego, and is the hardest to work with. They want her salary GONE in these economic times.

    What I don’t get is Dana Delany. Why does she ALWAYS get another show? What makes her so special? Does she have pictures somewhere? I think they are going to give her Teri Hatcher’s time. Maybe Delany is cheap and easy to work with. But I just don’t get it. She has more TV lives than a cat.

  15. so, you know Teri will be written out of the show before SHE does? that’s some crazy grapevine right there.

  16. The namby-pamby plumber that is married to Teri Hatcher. Yuck. He is somewhat handsome, but if you watch closely he never has any kind of facial expression….just bland. The only good actress was Nicolette Sheridan, Edie.

  17. And while they’re at it, I hope they get rid of that nasal whining Lynette Scavo. And, also get new writers, they are writing ridiculous unbelievable stories.

  18. I disagree with Bu…Teri is NOT the entire show, and it will do JUST FINE without her! It’ll be better even. If this tidbit is true Janet, it’s great news, because I’ve been sick of her for quite some time now. Hallelujah! Get her the hell out!

  19. Finally! 😀
    I’ve been waiting so long for it!
    Edie must now only be revived!

  20. I hate myself sometimes for watching this mostly crappy show. But tonight we will get a break by watching the SAINTS WIN.

  21. PLEASE be right here, Janet! Teri Hatcher is a very mediocre actress at best and Susan is a very annoying character. She can take boring Mike (talk about a wooden actor!) and her annoying kids with her too.

    I’m very skeptical about this however, because Marc Cherry seem to favor her for some bizarre reason. I think he’d ax Drea DeMatteo (Angie) or Dana Delany (Katherine) both before Teri, even though both of them are far better actresses.

  22. I don’t believe this rumor.It is not true. She isn’t getting cut off. Susan and Mike are married and have M.J. She is not just going to disappear.

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