You read it HERE first! It took him long enough, but Paul McCartney has finally been spotted in London hooking up with his longtime crush Rosanna Arquette! Back in August our readers learned about Paul’s crush on the Desperately Seeking Susan actress. She was seen at his Amoeba record store appearance in LA but they kept their budding relationship a big secret. In the past few months, Paul has been distracted by his divorce from Heather Mills– he spent most of his time in the UK and New York, and put the romance on the back burner. He saw a few other women, but he never forgot about Rosanna, and they quietly stayed in touch. Recently Rosanna had business in London and she and Paul had two dates in 24 hours. She extended her visit and she’s still there keeping company with her Beatle. Lookswise, Rosanna IS kind of the same type as Heather – a willowy off-beat blonde.

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  1. And by “OFF BEAT” I think you mean crazy and FUUUGGGGGLYYY.

  2. I LOVE the way these hags are running after Paul like he’s some prize. He’s a dried-up skin bag!
    Yes, he has a fortune

  3. Rosanna absolutely has worked: She did a great stint on the L Word, for one. I have always thought she’s gorgeous and has great taste in terms of the projects she does. Also, she has a history of dating musicians (that song “Rosanna” by 80s band Toto is rumored to have been inspired by her).
    So Rosanna, you GO, girl!!

  4. Linda, Heather, Rosanna all have that same English-blonde look that appeals to Paul. He may be wealthy, but he’s just a man who made a bad choice (or two) with Heather. Hope it’s a good thing for both him and Rosanna.
    “Anonymous” sounds like a stellar human being.

  5. Roseanna is a rocker woman. She dates rocker men. After dating rocker men, she does not kiss and tell. Plus, that was a great song Toto wrote about her.

  6. ps: doubt anyone will write a song about heather, unless it is about the girl dog that bled a beatle dry.

  7. ALL the Arquettes are beyond weird; we know David is, Patricia is, and the brother is a drag-queen. Rosanna should latch on to him like a bull-dog; Paul will see what real trouble is if he marries into that disfunctional family. And sooner or later, he will have to pay out another big amount for a divorce.

  8. Janet, this was reported on TMZ and the british rags. So much for your big scoop. You just “borrow” from other blogs. u are a farce.

  9. Yeah, the guy from Toto was so in love with her when he wrote the song and she showed her love by dumping him! what a girl!

  10. The Arquettes put the FUN in dysfunctional.
    BTW, she was long gone by the time he wrote the song.

  11. this is just a joke it will not last and paul will be out again with his $$$$ he needs to grow up he must be really insecure!

  12. Which one is which – per the photo?
    They both sort of look like men.
    That McCartney needs to visit his ole Pal, Eric Clapton to get back into focus.
    Because Clapton found out long time ago to leave high profile women alone. Hook up with waitresses and such.
    For instance take the current issue of Playboy, has that Kim K. which, well looks like her body has seen better days as compared to the centerfold, no doubt in a few years she’ll won’t be the center of attention and will just have to settle for a regular guy… But, no doubt they automatically think. Mr. Money, but most of those guys are in same mental boat as the ladies who think they deserve better.
    People are always trying to one up themselves, if I can’t get to the top hook up with somebody who’s going there.
    Which is a bunch of crap.

  13. I wonder if Paul ever thought about being a silent partner in a Eric Clapton Blues business, I e-mail the folks in Antigua about it.
    I mean, it’s in Memphis… Not, way out in LA.
    I wonder if McCartney knows KLM/Northwest has a hub in Memphis and there are typically loads of hot looking stewardess hanging around with nothing better to do, but wait for the next flight out.
    But, he’d be wise to call Clapton first and ask about the business venture in Memphis. Unless, well, he might approach Steve Winwood with the same idea.

  14. Paul McCartney certain gets around these days, doesn’t he?!?!?!?!

  15. Damn,
    Somebody’s gotta save Paul from himself!
    Frying pan to the fire !
    Aren’t there any good, good-looking ladies in Great Britain ?
    I understand he’s not getting any younger & wants to “enjoy” himself, but please, think of who you’d want in the same house as your little girl ?!
    THINK. ..It’s good to exercise one’s BRAIN every ONCE in a while.

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