Since this website was born seven years ago, we have been telling readers that Angelina Jolie did NOT break up Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. The truth is, Jennifer grew unhappy because Brad was a bore – he sat on the couch all day and did nothing but smoke weed. He lost his mojo. Soon they both acknowledged their lack of happiness and Jennifer asked for a divorce. Brad’s “Mr and Mrs Smith” costar Angelina was thrilled her hear about the split and gave Brad a shoulder to lean on. Brad did not take up with Angelina until his marriage was over. Jen and Brad’s friend Sheryl Crowe clarified the situation “Jennifer broke up with Brad, and NOT because of Angelina.” Brad’s recent interview backs up what we have always said. He totally blamed himself for the demise of the marriage because he became “dull,” and praised Jennifer as a “giving, loving and hilarious woman.” Brad is not a cheater.


  1. I have never seen the appeal of Brad Pitt, not an attractive man. Sitting on the couch smoking weed is a deal-killer for me too.

  2. My friend that worked on Mr&Mrs Smith told me that they were having an affair and when Jen came to the set they had to get/bring back the other trailer that Brad was not using because he was sharing with Angie and Maddox. Janet, I’m so sorry, but you are wrong. After Jennifer’s miscarriage, Brad wanted to try for another kid, but Jennifer wanted Brad to do some heavy therapy because of his depression and pot smoking. She thought she married for life and stuck it out with Brad and his depression because he was her husband. Cheryl is just rewriting history in the press because Jen is her friend (not Brads) and wants her to save face.

  3. This man might have been attractive ten years ago, but my goodness he has no appeal for me.

    These are not even half truths in this post, who believes this crap? Someone is clearly getting inventive here. Him and Angie and Jen are all a pack of liars. Studios be damned.

  4. Janet, hate to say it but you’re wrong about him not being a cheater. I have first hand knowledge of him screwing a girl in the bathroom of Tortilla Flats restaurant in downtown NYC when he was about to marry Jen. Also heard lots of stories over the years about his love of quickies with extras.

  5. He looks like a bum and it’s awful of him to talk about Jen or their marriage after all this time.

  6. First of all, I just read that B and A just splashed out $60 Mil to buy Chateau Mirival in the south of France…it has 35 bedrooms. They have a wine vineyard on the property and make even more $$ off that.

    R U kidding? Angelina has NO morals whatsoever and they became lovers way before the divorce. I think both B and J smoked pot, so Jenn is no saint either. In any case, I do not believe Jenn wanted a divorce and she def could not change him. Maybe she should have been a huge adventure lover and traveler like Ang.

    And last, I would love to read once, just once, of how many nannies, housekeepers, laundry workers, cooks, gardeners, etc. they really employ. I can’t imagine how they can be around 6 spoiled kids, make movies, go to movie premieres, her go to Botswana and Sudan, etc. for her humanitarian work. All that, and they also have 5 or 6 other mansions scattered everywhere. STOP the world, I want to get off.

  7. Boys and girls,

    Not 2 minutes ago, 6:05 PM CST, Access Hollywood showed Angie at some premiere. She looked to be about 98 pounds, which is about 30 pounds too skinny, as she is 5 foot 8 inches. I have read and heard Brad say that she has no appetite, forgets to eat and he is constantly in a tizzy trying to get her to eat.

  8. Janet, some of us remember what Georgie posted about this situation. I believe Georgie before any of the crap written in the caption.

  9. Who cares at this point? Angie does not impress me much but I don’t hate her. Jen is and has always been kinda annoying. Brad is not all that exciting especially now that he is aging. (So am I!) He changes his looks and lifestyle to match the looks and interests of whomever his current squeeze is. Since Angie has some activist leanings so now does Brad.

  10. I also think he’s overrated. Really, he does not have a great portfolio of great movies and also don’t understand why he keeps bringing up his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Move on already Brad. He sounds like he’s trying to hurt Jennifer. She’s right “he’s missing a sensitivity chip.” I can say that before Angelina and Brad created their brand, she was seen like a “dark” celebrity, carrying a vial of blood on her neck, trying to shock reporters by saying her and Billy Bob Thorton had just had sex in the car, kissing her brother at the Oscars, etc. Right before the release of Mr and Mrs Smith she had a make over and and became a glamourous movie star. You can tell she hired a stylist, make up artist, and began to look truly beautiful except for all those tatoos on her body. But Angelina began to look very beautiful and then Brad changed his image and they created their brand of glamourous power couple and the reality is celebrities look better as a couple then single. And so now Angelina had to get double mastectomy, whatever that created, Brad is now coming out with these comments about Jennifer. Is that to make Angelina feel better? Don’t know and this interview took place before her double mastectomy but surely they already knew the surgery was necessary. I think Brad should stop talking about Jennifer and focus on his current partner and life. Look forward Brad. You’ve had many blessings in your life.

  11. Nothing wrong with sitting home and smoking if you can afford to do it, and he certainly can! Live and let live.

  12. Surprises me people even care about this story anymore.

  13. Why, then, was Jen upset with Angie and called her uncool. I think there is more to this story. Obviously, B and A had an attraction going and probably emotional involvement before his divorce.

  14. Here’ mama’s suspicions*:

    1. Brad and Angie attempted to “wait” until Brad ended his marriage to Jen, but couldn’t hold out that long. Most likely they did “it” on the Smith set before the filming was over.

    2. Brad knew he was done with Jen and head over heels for Angie, but admitting to cheating would hurt his reputation so he and Angie agreed to the “we waited until Brad was free to start our relationship” mantra.

    3. Jen may have given Brad an ultimatum at some point prior to Angie, but she never intended to follow through with it. She was like many women; resorting to drama and theatrics when she didn’t get enough attention and couldn’t control her man. (Truth is, we can’t contol anyone but our selves.)

    4. Jen wants it to look like she dumped Brad, but in doing so she absolves Brad of being a cheater. How can he be a cheater if she dumped his axx?

    5. Whether or not Jen dumped Brad, she was devastated when Brad chose Angie. It ALWAYS hurts to be replaced by someone else when you still love your partner.

    *these suspicions are based entirely on mama’s life experiences, gossip, and her intuitions–nothing more, nothing less.

  15. C’mon,Janet!This is total bull..Jen said in couple of interviews that she was in shock and very hurt of their affair.You are really naive if you think Brad and Angelina didn’t start their affair on Mr and mrs.Shiths set.

  16. I agree with Mama and others.

    This scandal can be sugarcoated any way you want to, but the fact is A and B have no morals whatsoever. Brad gently dumped her and Jen did not want to be dumped, after all, they were the golden couple of HollyWeird. When Angie sees someone she wants, it is no holds barred. It’s the law of the jungle….females guard their man and get really pissed off when another one ousts them. Jen, imho, still holds a grudge and I don’t expect her to marry the balding weirdo she is with now.

  17. It’s a reminder that noone really knows what goes on behind closed doors until they who are privy decide to talk, even then one can’t be certain it’s the real story. However I’m one who loves when nothing is confirmed and everyone is left to speculate or guess and drive themselves crazy doing so! lol

  18. One thing baffles me; I keep reading that Jen is pregnant, has been pregnant and miscarried, has adopted a baby, and plans to adopt a baby.

    Which is it? Well I guess since she hasn’t been seen with a baby or announced an adoption, it’s safe to assume she hasn’t adopted. But then she could at any time, so we’re in the dark there.

    As for pregnancy, I’ve read that she has been pregnant (from some sources multiple times). I finally gave up and ignore all screaming headlines regarding Jen.

    Marriage is the other thing that nearly all magazines claim is on the horizon for her. But she’s with a new guy every year, so that’s another false headline.

    Honestly, gossip has gotten so quick and easy to read online, that I barely look at it. And most of the competing magazines and blogs totally contradict one another. I do, however, love to post here so I have no plans to stop; I am only human after all!

  19. Like Natalie, I don’t understand why anyone cares anymore. However, I do remember Angelina stating that when their kids are able to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith they’ll be seeing when their parents fell in love, so obviously something was going on.

  20. Denise,
    At least Brad and Angie weren’t dumb enough to get married.

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