We just fell in love with Ricky Gervais for his smart comments about celebrities on Twitter offering their “thoughts” and “prayers” to Oklahoma tornado victims. Ricky pointed out that Beyonce, Rihanna, and Katy Perry had all openly sent prayers to Oklahoma – certainly hoping readers would admire their kindness and saintliness. According to Page Six, Ricky responded by tweeting sarcastically “I feel like an idiot now – I only sent money.” And he included an address for Red Cross donations. Ricky’s a realistic atheist and we love him for teasing these self-serving “holier than thou” celebrities, who can afford to donate more than just thoughts.



  1. I’m sick of America treating these untalented Brits like high paid stars. This guy and russel brand can stay across the pond, they are whack and not amusing.

  2. I get tired of ‘celebreties’ sending thoughts and prayers and then openly mocking Christianity when it serves them. Most of them support our NON CHRISTIAN president!

  3. I love Ricky Gervais for this. And I don’t much like his comedy.

    All religion is fantasy, and used to hide terrible behaviour. His comments are correct.

  4. I get tired of people giving to the red crosss. Red cross uses the donated money to pay bloated salaries and pennies to the people who really need help.

    Obama is not Christian because he is Jewish from his mother’s side. Only a Jew would continue killing people from the middle east for the Zionist agenda.

  5. AGREE 100% with JanJan and TN.

    Obama is Muslim. He has slipped several times and admitted it. On YouTube, Michelle made a speech saying he would be so glad to go and visit Kenya, his home country. He himself said “my muslim religion” while speaking with George Stapholococcus. George had to correct him. Also he turned his back on the American flag. He is a Muslim, the latest thing he did was have a muslim cleric say prayers at a function and kicked out Christian Franklin Graham (Billy G’s son). All this is documented and on file, most under YouTube. Look it up.

  6. PS: Sorry, I forgot.

    The victims of the storm need money AND prayers. I feel so sorry for them. If I were them, I would get my insurance money, sell any of my possessions and go live in Honolulu or Oahu, even if all I could afford is a small house. I have never seen a tornado in Hawaii and everyone there is so happy because they live in paradise.

  7. You guys are nuts. Stop with the Obama stuff. Stay on task. This is about Gervais. And he is right on the target. Let’s see Beyonce write a check, she’s got the bucks. Same with the rest of them. Send money, help out.

  8. Oh, how I long for Ricky Gervais to host an awards show…

    As for some of the comments, there seems to be one burner operating on a four-burner stove.

  9. Chattycathy, take your meds, put down the internet, go away

  10. I always enjoy watching Ricky Gervais, whether he’s hosting an awards show (he’s the funniest and sure makes the celebs squirm… lol), or if he’s in a movie, or if I’m watching the show he produced about his friend Carl (An Idiot Abroad)… he’s real and he makes me laugh every time. I’m def team Ricky! Bless him (sorry, I’m not an atheist) for putting those snobby celebs in their places!

  11. Ricky is hilarious and I love it when he calls ‘celebrities’ to the carpet for their hypocrisy.

  12. Hello: Are u another jealous Jew hater because Jews are very smart, successful and caring. Jews support so many people and charities but they don’t publicize it. This is about donating to the tornado in Oklahoma — why mention Jews – u a-hole.

  13. We NEED celebrities like Gervais who say things that most do not want to hear. It’s like when all those who win some fluffy award for provocative music or film and they ‘thank god’.. it bothers me because if there’s a god, i’m pretty sure she (yes she) is way to busy dealing with world disasters and starving children. What losers..

  14. Of course they need money, but prayers and thoughts can’t hurt.

    but, kudos to people like Kevin Durant who step up and put their money where their mouth is.

  15. He’s right! But at the same time, why should they?

    As for the president comment, who cares what s/he follows?!

    I don’t like charities because they DO pay staff and they pay them well! Yes, they should be appreciated for what they do.. but they shouldn’t be taking such huge cuts!

    That stops me donating to charities. I know of some guys who work for Unicef and are paid well, free parking, free car, probably a house too! (unlikely!)

  16. Katy Perry has given to charities before…big bucks.

  17. People should not give to charities anymore, it’s all bulls**t!

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