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Amy Winehouse pumped up her beehive and dolled herself up in a fuchsia dress for the London premier of her boyfriend Reg Traviss’s new movie “Psychosis.” Appropriately, Reg, who wrote and directed the movie, specializes in horror and the supernatural. This particular psycho – thriller stars Charisma Carpenter and Jennifer Aniston’s ex boyfriend, Paul Sculfor. Whether Amy makes her acting debut in a Traviss production remains to be seen.

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  1. Well, I’ve never heard of this guy before, so maybe hooking up with the trainwreck Amy will make him a household name. Kind of like Madonna did to Guy Richie, even tho Guy was known some, I don’t think he was really that famous before Madonna hooked up with him and got him all that press.

    Still, you gotta weigh…is screwing this hideous creature worth a bit of free press?

  2. Q: What is resting in Amy Winehouse’s hair at this very moment?

    A: A beer bottle, a half-smoked joint, some vomit and a dead hippie.

    Q: O.K. And what about the hair on her head?

  3. Sebastian a better question would be what’s resting inside her head and does it even work.

  4. um…hm….ok…well, I dunno how I feel about her being in movies. I don’t think I’d care to watch anything she does. I like her singing voice, but think she’d be a complete mess on screen. Who knows.

  5. Her boob job isn’t very good. It looks like an outline, and they were just plopped on. Why show that off?

  6. I agree Bettye, it’s just not really good at all. Natural breast are alot better. No matter what size.


  8. Time for a cheeseburger when your fake nails are bigger than your legs.

  9. Her tits DO look bad, but the worst boobs of all time are Tori Spellings! I can’t believe she actually goes around with low cut tops and shows those hideous things with the hollow hole in the center that dips into her chest and rib cage. It looks like she got punched in the chest with the end of a flagpole and the knob on top left a huge hole in her body there. It’s really a hideous deformity and I can’t figure out why she doesn’t get it fixed. It must scare her kids to look at that. No WONDER her hubby keeps trying to kill himself on motorcycles, he’s trying to keep from having to screw her and touch that hole in her chest again!

  10. Reta: Hahaha. lol. That was hilarious. I agree totally about the tit jobs nowadays. The same is true with Paula Abdul, hers are lopsided, and U R right about Tori, hers are pitiful, and all pics of the married man she stole are of him looking super unhappy. As an aside, I’ve heard that the tit-less Kelly Ripa has looked into getting implants, but she is so scrawny she was told there is not enough skin to stretch over the fakes. Where have all the good surgeons gone? lol

  11. Amy Winehouse I am one of your fans, I hope to bring out more albums and not get in trouble, kisses

  12. Women think men like implants but they don’t. At least a majority of the men if you read their comments about women who get implants are negative.

  13. Lenny, I believe that to be true also. However, I recently ran across a certain type, or class, of man who is obsessed with implants, who would always choose the fake breasts.

    These are the DOUCHE BAGS (all caps intentionally), guys who are addicted to porn – not just seeing sexual acts, but the whole culture around porn – and who follow every stupid trend (body waxing, eye-brow shaping, excessive body building) if they think it will get them “broads. The male equivalent of the SATC morons.

  14. Sebastian, these idiots also think pubic hair on a woman is gross because all the girls in porn are completely bare down there to resemble pre-pubecent teens. Gross all around. And people say porn doesn’t mess up your mind??? Baloney!!!!

  15. DiDi, you said it. Spend two seconds next to one of those porn-obsessed douche bags and you want to have a Silkwood scrub-down.

  16. Thank you guys for being normal and appreciating a normal woman! They DO come with hair on them, just as you fellows do, and boobs, as well as penises, come in all shapes and sizes. I love that we are all different. It reminds me of that old Twilight Zone episode where everybody had to go in for plastic surgery upon turning 18, and they picked from about 3-4 prototypes of males or females. If they didn’t choose one of the looks, they would then be banished, never to be seen again by the transformed “pretty ones” and the “ugly” original ones were all outcasts of society living together outside the normal city. I don’t remember if that “city” was called Hollywood or not, but wouldn’t be surprised.

  17. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    Poor sweet dear is with God know and every one heart is still broken over her Death and adlease she left us pictures and movies and little pieces of her life here and there for the world to enjoy and…What really hurts is that she did not leave a child behind for her family to love but some movie stars never leave children on this earth and they just go throw life…Thinking they have all the time in the world?

  18. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    She looks lovely and happy and cheerful in this picture and…I know her father has massive pictures of his daughter and loves her and miss her each and every day and she has torched us and moved us and made us think! She will be forever part of are History and…. She gave her Heart and Soul and shared her life with us and…I Thank you for that?

  19. Casonia Logenberry..Natural Cook and learn on the spot and yes we all get it? All of the food that is served has to be your way or there ass is going to hit the door! Elisa is a good cook to a large degree and it her personality, that sucks! says:

    She was put on this earth to share her life and if it was good or bad or happy or sad..She shared and gave us her!

  20. Too bad is in Heaven and she is missed on this earth and my well wishes go out to the family and love one who still miss her.

  21. I miss her so much but she was special and really torched the world and did some incredible things with her life and really got inside some people heads, That really had the pleasure and joy of being around this woman, She is always going to be a big part of the future and looked at as some one who can save other people lives down the road..She is a blessing and God Sent and she is always going to be missed by family and friends and love ones all over the world….Thank good-ness for her and her short time on this earth!She is part of History.

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