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It appears that Lady Gaga will be settling down for awhile where most American rock stars end up – in Bel Air, California. Since she leased this 6 bedroom 8 bath home for $25,000 a month, speculation is rampant that she just MIGHT invite her exboyfriend Luc Carl (bartender, musician, personal trainer) to share the place with her. Amy and Luc have rekindled their once-hot romance and she’s been hanging around the bar, St Jeromes, where he works in New York. They’ve also been seen out together several times in the city. If he plays his cards right, Luc will be enjoying unobstructed views of LA from Gaga’s comfortable couch in Bel Air.


  1. Oh no you DIDN’T say that scrawny creep is a “personal trainer”?!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Truly, you must be insane Janet! The only thing that Joan Jett wannabe could train anyone for looks like, is how to tie off an arm and find a vein. But, really I’m not surprised at Gagme’s pick of men, she’s so full of class herself. She can just keep him as her built-in needle-jocky!
    And you say he is employed in New York? And yet she is “leasing” a house in Bel Air? That’s quite a commute! What’s she gonna do, keep a Lear jet on the roof so he can get to work on time? Why do we ever have to even HEAR about this troll’s “life” anyway?

  2. What is wrong with this story? Everything! Oh I am not questioning the reporting but the sanity of GaGa. Why would Miss New York Avant-Garde-meets-Pop move to L.A.? Why, when housing prices are rock-bottom would she lease, when she could get a great deal? (She must have the cash – could probably pay with a cashier’s check). Why is she messing around with a Jersey Shores (circa 1988) douche?

    Is the GaGa persona just one big GaG? Is the Lady just a Gnu Jork Guidette?

    Someone say it ain’t so, get a chair back under my feet, and cut to noose free!!!

  3. That’s a damn fine house, right there, yes. I’d be happy living in it. I bet Gaga spends a week there, max. Isn’t she from NYC? and isn’t she on Tour right now? When will she have time to stay home? Still, why not buy instead of rent…she can rent it out to other folks now!

    Just Dance…

  4. This whole Lady GaGa thing is just so over the top. Boy do miss the days when talent trumped trying to have a style.

  5. this story tells you something about the downfal of america.

  6. Lenny, I miss the days when we had it all, when performers has amazing style and talent and substance. In the late-seventies and early eighties that was the norm. Debbie Harry and Blondie, Pat Benatar, The Ramones, The Motels, Oingo Boingo, etc., etc. America easily held its own with Britain at the time.

    Unfortunately such powerful artists were a threat to corporate entertainment, and record companies sabotaged the scene. They refused to sign on whole bands, insisting on only signing the lead singers, brought in stylists and PR people, and did numerous other things to guide pop musicians into becoming personalities and entertainers instead of artists.

    That is how we got to this point. Sad, isn’t it?

  7. gaga has some of the best dance music out now. she KNOWS what she is doing. she does have talent, but right now she wants the money. so it’s off to “branding” one’s self.

  8. You really cannot blame performers for squeezing every last drop out of their fame. After all, one never knows what sort of deal they got. Because of the hard-ball games from the entertainment companies, a recording artist cannot just rely on music sales to make a living, never mind get rich.

  9. Sebastian, yes I remember those groups fondly and still have their music…and The Cars, Talking Heads…hey, walk like an egyptian dude!
    I was out dancing every week and alwasy grabbed a table at the front of the dance floor so I could get right up when a great song played…miss it, for sure!

  10. You all are sad. First of all, “Janet Charlton,” her name’s not Amy. Secondly, it makes me sad that while everyone tries to preach love and peace in this world, there are people like all of you that will shamelessly leave comments on a social media website about someone and some things you know nothing about. And, “Captain America,” yes… this story and all of the negative replies really do tell you something about the “downfall of America.” People don’t know how to give other’s credit and be happy for those who do have talent, work hard, and in turn, become successful.

    -It is always wrong to hate, but it’s never wrong to love.

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