It’s a big deal when Al Pacino does his first TV commercial. He finally dipped his toe in the lucrative water of advertising for an Australian coffee company, Vittoria Coffee. The company is owned by an Italian migrant family so that appealed to Al, plus he loves the coffee. Al has never been to Australia so they filmed the spot, which was directed by Barry Levinson, in his own neighborhood in New York. Of course, it will only be shown in Australia.


  1. He looks like he just raised up off a stretcher in an emergency ward. His hair always looks so unkempt, and his face always looks dirty and unshaven. He now has that saggy old man neck skin flapping down to add to the disheveled look, and he always wears that black V-neck T-shirt and black trench coat over it that he keeps open and rumpled like Columbo. I don’t know what he’s going for with this “look” but when you take his age into consideration it doesn’t add up to a pretty picture. If I had a coffee company, I sure as hell wouldn’t want that image representing MY product. My GAWD, at least clean yourself up a little for your paycheck Al! You have been looking like the same black-clothed bum for way too long now, and it wasn’t sexy the first day either!

  2. Definition of eccentric = Al Pacino

    Runner-up = Keanu Reeves

  3. I actually think Al looks better now than in his younger days. He is an interestingly disheveled old man – it is endearing. It is certainly an improvement on the grease-ball wise guy of the seventies. That guy always looked like he smelled of stale olive oil and cigarettes, and used rubbers.

  4. al is a GOD.
    case closed.
    disheveled my ass. the guy is 70 for crissakes
    he has lived some life he can look the way he wants and he looks damn fine still doing it the way he wants to do it
    good for him to rake in some bucks for this
    i have never seen ANY Other so called stars even speak in an overseas commercial…
    with al
    you get a little story…. the Pacino script thing didn’t ring true with me but f**k it
    its AL freaking PACINO.

  5. He was soooooooooo pretty in The Godfather…Eeegads, tasty and delicious.

    At least he hasn’t had bad plastic surgery – he might look a fright, but he’s earned every wrinkle on that face.

    Good for him for getting the bucks that Clooney, Pitt, Ahnold, Han Solo, have all been getting for years. You can find their ads on YouTube. Ahnold’s are truly hilarious.

  6. Yes, pretty much ALL the big ones have made overseas commercials, we just don’t usually find out about it.

    Yes, I too am thankful he hasn’t dragged his skin on his face back to the back of his head. It’s even worse on a man I think because they can’t touch it up with make-up. (See Burt Reynolds & Kenny Rodgers).

    But, no, Al is NOT a “God” people. He’s pretty much the same in all his movie roles if you ask me, not to say he’s a bad actor, just not convincingly different. Al plays AL! And he looks just the same in this commercial as he does when he goes to pick up his young kids. That SAME rumpled tired black drab outfit. BLAH! Seems to me he’s given up on his manliness with that “old man in a black bag” crap.

  7. He’s getting to that age when things are going in right direction and are hanging everywhere. Kinda like the rest of us. My only problem with Al is he has two very young kids and I hope he lives to raise them.


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