Angelina Jolie has personally requested that sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman be invited to the Moscow premier of her movie “Salt,” because she hopes to meet her. The NY Post says that the movie’s local promoters are trying to locate Anna who is presumably being interrogated by her superiors along with the nine other deported agents. Her exact location is not known. Moscow film promoters aim to please Angelina so they’ve sent an invitation to Anna’s last home address in Russia and hope for the best. Angelina plays a CIA Agent suspected of being a double agent in the movie and Anna’s presence at the premier would bring an avalanche of publicity for “Salt.” There’s always the chance also, that Angelina would like to bring Anna’s story to the big screen.


  1. I’m so sick of Angelina Jolie. She JUST DID a spy movie and now she’s after this girl for her story. If they DO do this story and they have Angelina play it, I sure as hell won’t go to it. I hope they get someone else, someone fresh and younger, obviously, this woman is younger than Ang. and I really feel that Ang. is just so overeposed and needs to go away for a while and buy some more kids.

  2. Love me some Angie Jo! But the story sounds a bit suspect.

  3. Ang has had so much of ‘been there, done that’, there’s little left for her to do. I guess she will buy at least 2 more kids and keep on bragging about her glorious happy life. Most women are jealous of her, but I suspect it is not for wuss-Brad, but for the fact she travels everywhere on earth and lives in sumptuous mansions. Few on earth have had a life like hers.

  4. Indy, as much as I love her, I wouldn’t trade my life for hers at all. This chick is intense. Man I can only imagine waking up to 6 screaming kids in the house and lugging them around traveling. Doesn’t seem appealing whatsoever.

    I don’t think women are jealous of her, I just don’t think they know how to process her because she’s such a strong, complex personality. She doesn’t come off warm and fuzzy or the least bit inviting.

  5. Anyone who makes Billy Bob Thornton look stable and sane must be respected.

    Did I say “respected”? I meant feared.

  6. As a guy I just like looking at her. She has her problems, but looks aren’t one of them.

  7. I don’t necessarily want Angie’s life (although its probably a pretty sweet one, dontcha think?), but I like her and think she gets a raw deal in the public eye. Everyone thinks she’s a homewrecker and ‘stole’ Brad, even tho he and Jen were done long before these two got together. I know Angie has weaknesses, problems, insecurities, but I still appreciate her desire to live her life how she wants to. Love her or hate her, its all cool.

  8. I DO hate her and do NOT envy or want her life. Not the least bit interested in Brad, or 6 kids. Frankly, I think she overrates herself. She’s annorexic like Posh Spice; sick of her ugly tattoos; still can’t wipe out the image of that deep kiss with her twin image brother; or the vials of blood with Billy Bob; or the husband stealing. And there were NO rumblings of Brad’s marraige being in trouble until she came along. You can say it all you want now, but then it wasn’t said until she broke them up and them Brad and her tried to do dasmage control by saying him and Jen were already over. I’m not buying it. They started fooling around on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, and that’s when Jen filed for divorce.
    I just really can’t stand Angie and wish she’d stay out of my movies!

  9. The wig Angelina Jolie wears in the movie looks awful. The wig she has on the Vanity Fair cover is so pretty. How can anybody hate her. She’s a great role model.

  10. Anna Chapman has an appealing, attractive, intriguing air about her. Angie could produce the movie, but would have to get someone besides herself to play the part, as she just wouldn’t be believeable as Anna Chapman.

  11. You can say this about her in total confidence: From the beginning, she has jumped into life with both feet, she’s not afraid of anything, has logged more air miles than the presidents, flies her own plane, divorced twice, has romanced women and men, adopted 3, spit out 3, ambassador to 3rd world countries, probably lured Brad away (who knows), yet she still maintains a mysterious aura about her and invokes a touch of fear into Brad, because she has still maintained that ‘no one tells her what to do’.

  12. Oh yeah, and to add: Made movies, fly to countries to promote movies, juggle eating habits, crossing time zones, yet you never hear of her getting really sick. And yet still in her mid 30’s. Gee, she must have some THING protecting her.

  13. spy?

    ………this is just another failed actress, folks.

  14. Indy that’s why I love her. She’s just so damn mysterious and no matter how frank she gets in interviews you walk away without really knowing her. I think that’s why she’s cast in these spy, espionage films.

    Sorry to say even if you hate her, she is a fine actress and plays her roles well. Can you honestly see somebody else in the role of Salt or even in the role of Wanted? Sure any actress can do it, but I don’t think they have that appeal that these roles call for.

  15. Also she’s a bad ass and I love those kind of women!

  16. Agree with the Captian here. Jolie has rarely had a successful movie that was not an action flick. Her acting over overwrought, and when she is not moving at lightning speed on film her face looks like it is made of plastercine.

    At the beginning of her career, Angelina was subtly sold as the anti-Hollywood-bimbo, and she has ridden that whole thing to death. Unfortunately her “alternative” image was as superficial as Pam Anderson Lee’s sex appeal, and it is wearing very thin now.

    Will she be around in ten years? I would bet not.

  17. Sebastian, I bet she will be around longer than that. She’s got presence and no, in my opinion, she’s not a bimbo. She’s simply too dark to be a bimbo. When I think bimbo, I think Pam Anderson, Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Anna Faris, and too many others to name.

    And she’s had successes that you failed to mention: The Changeling, Girl Interupted (she won the Oscar), George Wallace (she won the Golden Globe), Beowulf, etc. Even though she’s good with drama, she’s found her niche in action. Whether we like it or not, every actor, talented or not, ends up pigeon-holed in the same roles.

    It’s funny people either love her or hate her, there’s no in between with this one. Anyhoo, I guess there are actresses that make me cringe the way the Jolie makes some of you cringe.

  18. I hope she never feels she has to go to a shrink, ‘cuz it would take a helluva brilliant one to ever get into her dark mind and past and figure her out. She is very complex and has probably had the most diverse life of anyone in all of Tinseltown. No wonder the papparazzi watch her and Brad and the 6 brats 24/7.

  19. Movie I’d love to see: Jolie as the mom of Megan Fox.


  20. Actually Indy, Katharine Hepburn is just as diverse. I just finished a biography on her not too long ago and I was surprised to find certain things about her.

    Shaking up with a Spencer Tracy (married man) for years until his death, avid golfer, pilot, slept around, notorious in her hometown for getting suspended many times for skinny dipping in the college campus fountains lol, compulsive poker player, and she was an avid hunter. Go figure women didn’t like her either.

  21. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were both gay; they were friends.

  22. Sally, I said that when she first hit the scene she was sold as the anti-Hollywood-Bimbo. This was precisely because she was dark-haired, exotic, taller than average and had a slim but powerful-looking physique. That was a great selling point, but something more significant needed to come out of that.

    As for Jolie’s successes, I wonder. There is often a perception that an actor is successful, when actually they are not at all the draw one is led to believe. Case in point: Nicole Kidman.

    Kidman became an a-lister thanks to Tom and his Scientology friends, and the gay-mafia in Hollywood. Everyone assumed at one time that she was a box-office draw. Eventually it all came out; Nic was actually closer to box-office poison. Her career has faded greatly since then.

  23. According to the tabloids I have read their homes are filthy pigstys, she’s mean to the kids and screams at Brad to the point of making him depressed. Let’s face it, Brad looks worse for the wear since hooking up with her. What happened to hot sexy Brad? Now he looks like an old broken sad sack.

  24. Why do men always say women are jealous of certain women? I am certainly not envious of Angelina, not for Brad, not for her “fame”, not for all those kids. I think she is mentally ill to a degree, she is never satisfied, always needs MORE of everything. If you don’t look at her face (and nosejob) she is terribly unattractive, her body is awful. Way too thin and covered in graffiti. Brad aged 30 years being with her. I hope I’m alive when her kids are grown to read the exposes they write about her.

  25. I agree Angelina is ugly. Yes, without the cosmetic surgery and the fake hair she would look scary. She has a huge forehead. I think she sucks as an actress. I watched Changeling, and I couldn’t believe how bad her acting was to get an Oscar nod. She’s so overrated. That’s true her movies flop on the regular. Even the second Tomb Raider wasn’t that big.

  26. I think her acting sucks too. I tried watching Tomb Raider and couldn’t even finish it it was so bad.
    Every time I see her face I remember her brother being stuck to her lips and both of them having their eyes closed while they deep kissed on the red carpet for the cameras. It was one of the grossest things I have ever seen and I’ll just bet they have had sex after seeing how easily they deep kissed and thought nothing of it.
    She has NO morals at all, and her body bores me. I feel bad for their kids being dragged all over the place non-stop at their age. maybe when they’re older and can actually take it in and value the places they are seeing, but babies and small children don’t and need stability.
    I’d take Nicole Kidman’s acting and personality ANY day over this nasty incestuous whore AND Nicole can sing beautifully too!

  27. Kylie: I also read this story about their houses (mansions) being like a pig-sty and pics shown, too. In this day in time, stories do not have to be made up, as there are zoom lenses, spies, previous nannies, etc. who will tell the real story of celebs for $$.

    Reta: I also watched (or tried to watch) Tomb Raider. It was worse than awful. Also, I can see her french-kissing her brother now, my gosh, Jon Voight was right, the girl is sick in the head. And she does have the morals of an alley cat. And why she thinks buying a bunch of kids is a good thing is beyond belief.

    Lizzie and Sebastian: U R right about her movies. Nothing she has ever made will ever go down as a true ‘classic’. The same with movies that her old and tired-looking lover has made…they are all super-boring.

    And now, friends, I will try to shut my mouth (uh, I mean my fingers) on this most interesting “lady(?)”.

  28. Her best role was Girl Interrupted because she was playing herself: A Sociopath.

  29. Indy: LOL……..They are entitled to their opinions as we are entitled to ours. Can’t hate about that.

    Their hate for the Jolie is similar to my extreme distaste for Jen Aniston. Now what the hell is the point of her? Why does she even exist? Gross biyatch.

  30. Sally: I agree about Jen Aniston. She was only good, imho, as Rachel on ‘Friends’. All of her movies were so forgettable, but I guess she is super rich now, except in the man department. And since she has had no luck with men, I can’t help but believe she comes across as too needy and clingy and runs all her suitors away, plus they may think she is still hung up on pretty-boy.

  31. Oh, and I forgot to add: I think Jolie’s face is not perfect, but looks a helluva lot better than Jennifer’s. Also, I remember reading about Jolie eating lunch in L.A. and overhearing the waitress talking about her lack of finances for her 2 kids to go to camp and she gave her a $200 tip.

  32. No Indy, she just bores the shit out of me. I hate the way she laughs and do you notice she constantly plays with her hair? I hated Friends because of her and never got into it. Annoying twat that will never be a “movie star.” And she’s not even funny.

    See I love real movie stars like the Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, and so on.

  33. I actually LIKE Jen. She & Brad had quite a loving and affectionate marraige before Ang came along. I recall them being bright and tender together out in public and very hands on. They glowed at each other. I don’t know why any of this would have stopped other than for Ang’s interference. Jen was verbally supportive of Brad’s interests in architecture, and they redid their home together as a project. I remember Brad in an interview going on & on about Jen and how smart and talented she was and how they were going to be together forever. Horny brother-kisser Ang comes along with her blood vials and all that flies out the window. I will not go to any Brad or Angie movies ever again. I can’t STAND them, and their baby buying makes me sick, same with Madonna. Just because they are rich, they can go to any country they want and come back with a new kid whenever they want. Let you or I try that and see what happens. We can’t AFFORD to buy those kids like they can. Buying people was banned a few hundred years ago, but not for the very rich!

  34. Interchangeable whores, both Angelina and the Russian spy.

  35. Lonely life it seems to me and that Anna Chapman suffered big time in her life and all the lost of love ones and having to stay alone and not have some one to share her life with has to take its tolls and pressure and I hope and wish this young lady to have piece and privacy and be able to have a life without looking over her back and worries and stress and tentions and fear is a thing of the pass and..She had a life of control and fear and had to fight to stay alive.

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