Broadway is becoming a magnet for Hollywood movie stars and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are thrilled that the show they co-produced, “Fela!,” is a huge hit. Now, according to Michael Riedel in the NY Post, they’ve been approached to costar onstage as the common but passionate Stanley and Stella Kowalski in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” It’s not easy to picture Will as brutal Stanley, in a sweaty wife-beater bellowing for his wife, but he’s surprised us before. The hard part might be casting Stella’s delicately balanced sister Blanche DubBois.


  1. reta,these trash are *jealous* of the smiths!
    they are so successful and teflon-coated!
    their kids are capitalizing on their privileged position and getting away with murder w/out falling on their cute faces (so far) and THESE TRASH CAN’T STAND IT!
    plenty of you all were raised to look down on people of color, especially african americans.
    so much so, you apparently can’t even bring yourselves to use that term.
    i am laughing at you.
    i myself haven’t seen the smiths in anything since “a different world” and “fresh prince of bel air”, because i really don’t care for hollywood movies or cable
    but i have kept up with their staggering success thru entertainment sites like this one and i just have to la la la la la la laugh at all you jealous haters.
    it’s yourselves and your own families that you feel bad about, deep down inside.
    Black is beautiful; who’s The Man now?

  2. princessjohnson: I’m sorry my dear, but you sound ignorant and one-sided. Yes, I think black is beautiful, and so is white and orange and purple and red polka dots! It’s NOT Will’s color that irks people if you’ll CAREFULLY reread the above posts, it’s the percieved attitude of “smugness” that comes across with him and his family, including the now second generation with the children.

    They have been on several shows promoting their projects and have NOT come off well, including red carpet events where they dress pretentiously for children. This is, of course, on the parents. Will & Jada either don’t pay attention to what the public preceives, or don’t care, either way, the results are not good for any of the Smiths. Add to that the negative press about their “religion” which has seriously damaged Tom Cruise’s career, and you have some definite box office poison.

    The Smiths SHOULD take notice of these effects on the public as the people are who give them their luxurious lifestyle. THIS is what the above people are trying to get thru to you, not that any of them are “jealous”. You must try to learn not to immediately go to that automatic response every time somebody black gets negatively discussed. We, as people can discuss others, of any race, without it being that we are “jealous”…we are just simply discussing the points made. It’s that simple.

  3. Enjoy staying ignorant “princess” I’m sure that’ll get you far in life!

  4. Reta,

    Very well said! Thank you, you get what I was eluding to.


    (Sally, I love how irate people of our generations often get when the discussion of civility, behaving properly and improperly, and the concept of positive socialization is brought up.)

    Again, how is not liking somebody behaving improperly. My dear, take your meds and STFU. Stop whipping a dead horse. Nothing in my posts above mentioned any concept of socialization or showing any disrespect.

    I don’t like the Smiths and don’t care for any of their films or projects. Am not a fan, if that makes me a disrespectful then so it is.

  5. No problem with that, but why the SMITHS? There are plenty other black/mixed actors much more suitable for these really hard roles. WILL sucks as STANLEY KOWALSKI, pls…. I for one think DENZEL would be just right for this.

  6. XYZ: Good choice, but I don’t think Denzel has the brutish quality nessessary for the Stanley role. You have to really KNOW that play and know the charactors. Casting is everything for a play or movie like this and they better do it justice or not even do it at all. There is absolutely NO reason to redo it in the first place, the original still stands up and is brilliantly acted, won several Oscars in fact. Too many classics get redone horribly. What I don’t understand is why they don’t just come out with fresh stories instead of canibalizing the classics. Give the writers of today a job and a challenge to create the classics of tomarrow.

  7. Will and Jada are just not all that good at acting. They are obnoxious people that have no humility. Their son is a know it all pill. The family is a big turn off to me and seemly others too.

  8. Blair Underwood should play STANLEY KOWALSKI… Blair is one of the most underrated actors!

  9. I am really stuck on the old way of doing things and to take a real classic and attack it is going to take some doing and you have to be real good in order to nail that part and Will Smith I hated you in Wild Wild West and you really made that role suck..I know at that time Black Men where not treated that well and that was unreal to start off with. But in other roles much better and later but to do this role…You better be ready with emotions and feelings and really push yourself to tears to nail this role and good luck and take care.

  10. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen..Tommy Honey speak up and talk and take charge..I want you to stay on the show! Jennifer stop screwing up and double check your food first and Will keep your eye on the prize and don't let Drama get in your way and Pauly says:

    You have to make me cry in order for this show to really rock me out and it has the have the emotions and feelings in order for me to feel it. Give it all you have and really make the show sing. Give us many levels and really ride this story line to Death.

  11. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen pass winners should have rocked the Hell out of the show..Ben looked very sexy and in wonderful shape..He slim down? Tennile was talking about body bags and Trevor Bragged on being Relaxed and Calm and sweet little Jilli says:

    Make me cry and give me emotion and make me feel. Your taking a big risk and only time will tell?

  12. Passions and feelings and emotion and love and lust all go together.

  13. No Matter what simply some people just look good together and as long as you feel and think it and want it! I love old fashion movies because my great grandmother loved this style of movie?

  14. There is a song that talks about?{Taking everything that is old and making it New Again?} But it is about taking something and making it work for today and twisting it and turning it to something that is yours!

  15. This couple has there hand in everything and they want to open there hearts and souls to new ways of doing things but old thing can become new again and sometimes we have to look at are pass to come to the future but hey…Try everything once and see what is going to happen in life you never know!

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