Not only is Elin Nordegren rumored to be getting 750 million dollars and sole physical custody of her two children with Tiger Woods, but according to a friend, she’s also asking for full custody of all of their pets! At one time the animal-loving family had two dogs, a cat, fish, and horses, and now Elin wants them all to herself. She will allow Tiger to spend time with their kids, but she wants exclusive custody of all of their pets.

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  1. IDK who checks your facts, but you should consider firing them. She walks with approximately 100 Million in cash equivalents plus a house in Windamere (sp ?). The money is not being payed in lump sum. Next time you want the facts on a story you’re posting, just check with me first…k?

  2. oh and Elin also purchased a a $2.29 million (fixer)house on an island near Stockholm. She keeps that also. I believe it was on about 60 acres.

  3. he still thinks she married him for the love of black people?

  4. Right is right,,,,stupid and incorrect title,,,she WISHED she had gotten 750 mil!

  5. Now if she could just hire a hit man to cut IT OFF. IT OFF. Well, then her life would be complete. Except of course for her future, always wondering if someone wants to date/marry her for herself of for her massive fortune.

  6. …..and of course she could close the book on ***Sweet Revenge***.

  7. your figure is overexaggerated. tiger has a billion in assets, so she wouldn’t get that large of an amount. 100 million sounds about right.

  8. I’m laughing at all the men who are just like Tiger Woods and the list is long. Add to that list is Randy Travis country singer and this is not just a Tiger thing.

  9. Isn’t Randy Travis gay and married to his manager, who is his beard?

  10. according to forbes, tiger is worth about 600M which was reported several weeks ago janet. at that time, it was proven the figure of 750M was erroneous. you’ve fallen so far janet..what’s wrong with you?

  11. These men get what they deserve. Why can’t they ever be happy with what they have? Elin is a gorgeous girl, he was lucky to have her considering he’s kinda ugly has zero personality.

  12. I agree Kylie.

    At the risk of sounding anti-American, and a bit like Captain America, Elin is a sophisticated Scandinavian with quite a sense of propriety (as far as I can tell she has behaved beautifully under the circumstances. An American woman would have done the rounds, and parlayed this into her own reality show and clothing line at Target). Tiger on the other hand is an unattractive American douche bag fulfilling the worst black and male stereotypes.

    The irony is that, while Elin had been a model, it is Tiger who has relied on his looks (his racial mix resulted in that perma-pre-pubescent quality that makes black men tolerable to white American – see Michael Jackson, Chris Rock). As Tiger gets older, it will be harder for the public to think of him as a cute little black kid, and his star will fade. And scandals like this last one will be much harder to control.

  13. Whatever amount she gets would be sufficient enough for her to live on and raise her children and then some.

    She’s so low key and doesn’t strike me as materialistic. I wish her the best because what he put her through was probably the most painful experience.

  14. I agree with SebastianCanada, thank God we don’t see her on all the rags, telling her story to the media and her own retarded reality show. Good for her, she is well rid of him.

  15. I thought Tiger was only worth about 600Million…wow, did I just type that? ONLY 600 million? I’d be happy with ONLY one million, please… but I don’t think Elin will be unhappy with loads of cash, the kids and all the pets. I hope she spends time in Sweden with her family and lives a happy life out of the spotlight.

  16. i’m sure elin signed a gag order or some kind of confidentiality agreement to keep her mouth shut. but she has always been under the radar.

    some people should never marry. if they want to screw any and everything, they should not marry. he was clearly one of them.

    professional athletes, of all sports, are WHORES. especially the men!

  17. Pussskykatt, shut the fuck up! You don’t know what you are talking about. Go back to your stale gossip site. Where you can bash black women, latinas, and men!

  18. janet, i like your posts but your *posters* are a bit trashola!

  19. The photo above is so warm and loving, I wonder if he ever looks at thing like that and wonders what the hell is wrong with him? He gave up all of THAT for random pussy with endless exchangable women. I mean, they have portable pocket pussies for that, he could have always kept one on the ready for when he got horny and then he’d still have his family and dignity. He’s an utter ass.

  20. Elin did not get 750 million because Tiger does not have 750 million to give, 100 million sounds closer to reality, she did very well for herself considering the fact that the original prenup gave a fraction of that, and what was the big brouhaha about anyway, Tiger screwed around so what?, he is a golfer not a priest,the big mistake he made was to apologize for issues which were really between him and his wife,and not the public, she must have scrambled his brains when she bashed him over the head with the club irons, he should have sat tight, stayed quiet and let the chips fall where they may, she would probably still have divorced him but it would have saved the millions he paid out in hush money

  21. princessjohnson, if you are going to slam people for being “trashola” at least learn to use the shift key. I-I-I-I-I.

  22. SebastianCanada, way to bring racism into a discussion that had nothing to do with it. And I’m not American either.

  23. Many stupid comments….Elin showed class not by marrying but by leaving Tiger, who says he is Asian. How much class did Lawrence Taylors wife just show by blaming everyone for the prostitute incident but LT. How much class did Jesse Jacksons wife show by blaming his constant whoring around on lies and people trying to be the next Mrs. Jackson. How stupid can some people be.

    Read the 2 Vanity Fair articles for the truth on Elin and also the whores:


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