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It was inevitable. While Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) has been off in Europe making lots of money with her Ultimo lingerie line and other projects, her con artist husband Stephen “Belafonte” has been getting restless. Stephen and a buddy were at The Rainbow on Sunset on a recent Saturday. First Stephen asked the bartender if he got a ” celebrity discount” because he was married to Mel B, but was turned down, so he had to pay full price for his steak, lobster, appetizers, and wine. Then Stephen turned his attention to the pretty women all around him. He told one “Hey, can I get your number? I’d love to call you and hook up sometime!” One suspicious girl asked “Aren’t you married to a Spice Girl?” and he brushed it off with “It’s okay!” He invited one busty blonde out for coffee the next day. One after another he punched numbers into his FRIEND’S phone. He laughed “I can’t put it in MY phone!” He explained to one girl that his pal would act as a go-between so he could communicate with her. By the time he walked out of the club, the fake Belafonte had five or six numbers clocked into his buddy’s phone. In the parking lot he was seen talking to one MORE girl and punching her number into his friend’s phone. Keep your eyes open, Mel!

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  1. She keeps him on a VERY short leash, money-wise; trying to pick up every female he encounters is his pathetic way of exacting revenge.
    She jumped into this ill-advised marriage at one of her lowest points. She was humiliated after the Eddie Murphy fiasco.
    But now, things are definitely looking up for Mel. Her career is growing, and if she keeps at it, she just may be able to afford the beach house she tried to blackmail Murphy into giving her on her own.
    Stephen should take care not to piss her off. If he keeps pulling stunts like those described in the post, he may find that his free baby-sitting services are no longer required by Miss B.

  2. The Rainbow is a Rock & Roll hang out…you remember, guys with actual hair on their head. Not what you’d call a bald man’s paradise, or a place where ANYONE would know who a Spice Girl’s husband is. Not buying this one.

  3. Bollocks! Can’t they just be happy without people throwing salt? Not like this little blog is going to affect her, but still….I wish people would just leave her marriage alone. She’s happy. And Stephen’s done nothing except love her and be there for her when she needed him. And to be perfectly honest, I think Mel and Stephen were in the Hamptons this weekend. I think this story is crap.

  4. If true then it servers her right. Obviously she is a very poor judge of character looking that the men she has picked.

  5. “She jumped into this ill-advised marriage at one of her lowest points. She was humiliated after the Eddie Murphy fiasco.”
    Rebounds never last.

  6. This woman has the WORST taste in men. She jumped out of the tranny-loving, paternity-denying frying pan and into the con-man gigolo fire. Nice example to set for your daughter, Mel. Grow up, develop a spine and learn how to be on your own before you grab up the next clown that happens to cross your path.

  7. She seems as much or more of a sex addict ho than him. Or does she just wear all those tight revealing clothes hoping Hef will offer her a spot in Playboy.

  8. Mel B is kind of a joke non? I mean a Spice Girl? DWTS? You must be kidding?

  9. I believe you got melanie to make a comment. I’d bet who wrote the “bollocks” comment is no other than Miss B herself and I’d probably win.
    And if it is her, she’s right, leave her husband alone. She knows deep down he married her for money and she knows the people around her, her “friends,” are only around because they’re hollywood LA star suck ups. Besides, women marry men for their money all the time why not cut a dude a break. Think about it, why do you think it didn’t work with Eddie because she couldn’t manipulate and control that situation. Even after when she was trying to force him to see their child so she could keep him in her life.
    Besides If Stephan was out picking up blonde women it was probably for Mel anyway since that’s her bisexual flava (remember her girlfriend a few years back). He’s got it made! Money and can watch his wife swing!
    She’s a phony, her friends are phony she surrounds herself with suck ups and even keeps a psychic on payroll that tells her whatever she wants to hear. As long as she writes the checks, buy the dinners and keeps herself in the lime light she will be lucky enough to have these kiss kiss fans, er friends. She can live in her fake bliss with no real drama. And he’s got it made until she runs out of coin and then comes the day of true reckoning since we know nothing last forever. So let’s just leave her glass menagerie alone.
    I can’t believe I wasted five minutes on her to write this!

  10. yeah seriously, Mel is an amazing woman and she has got great taste in men. If she ever thought her marriage wasn’t going well, which IT IS, she is strong enough to leave right away. She is incredibly strong and intelligent; she speaks her mind and she would NEVER, NEVER, EVER be afraid to dump a man instantly, like stupid bitch head Eddie Murphy.
    She is an AMAZING woman and I wish I was more like her. She is gorgeous, talented, and has a great personality. Just leave her and her wonderful marriage alone- she is doing just fine without gossip sights like you making up rumours to try and ruin it.
    So grow up; Mel is doing amazing.

  11. If he wants to be her lover, he’s gotta get with her friends.

  12. I don�t know if it�s true or not but I could care less. Bill Clinton blatantly cheated on his wife while he was in office. It�s been said that Kennedy, Eisenhower and other presidents did the same. So why am I suppose to care about Mel B�s husband possibly cheating with no proof? I pray for Mel�s sake that it�s not true but if it is true, that would be her problem and her decision to make. I suspect the only �infected playa� is the mental defective that posted that comment in the first place. Otherwise Bill Clinton would have a lot more to deal with than his heart problems.

  13. Leave them alone. They both walked into this with their eyes wide open and are two consenting adults. BACK OFF

  14. He was in Europe with her. So exactly when did this happen?

  15. 12:34 PM: They are two consenting adults all right, until….he’s caught flirting and/or making out one time to many and big strong Scary will beat the snot out of him. Same thing if the opposite happens. I predict stormy weather as time goes on; both are hardened sexperts.

  16. glory hallelujah, What an imagination you have, since you have no facts. It’s downright delusional. You imagine two people you don’t know beating each other up and then you call them “hardened sexperts.” I don’t even want to know what goes on in most stars bedrooms but apparently you’ve gone there, perhaps you’ve been there an active and willing participant. I’ve never seen Mel disgracing herself the way Hilton, Spears, Beckham and many other of those so called stars have. Whatever Mel’s problems are for the most part she’s kept them discreet. What condemns many stars is that they don’t even bother with that. Instead of imagining what people like Mel and her husband are doing, check the newspapers for facts and that will keep your imagination busy enough.

  17. She hooks up with men that cheat, she cheats, both ways.. so this won’t be a surprise, other than he can’t afford to play with the expensive chicks.

  18. 11:47 PM is correct. They were both in the Hamptons. I saw them. Janet got this one wrong.

  19. I love these people who just say “oh I saw them so your wrong. Like that’s not from him or some friend of his?! Well then where’s the paparazzi pics of them in the hamptons? I hear her husband always calls the paparazzi to tell them where they’ll be so he gets his fugly mug in everything. Don’t ya love these true hollywood love stories.

  20. She has eaten and continues to eat more pussy than the UK law allows 1 woman to do.

  21. Moshe, Amazing, is this more of that evidence that comes only in your imagination? Other than one picture on the web of Mel kissing another woman which looks staged, what’s your proof? You seem to know an awful lot about eating pussy, personal experience? A dream of yours? Obsessive fantasies you want to come true? It’s an adolescent accusation with no proof which is pretty much what all gossip is. If you’re obsessed by sex don’t put it on others.

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