Since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, Kris Humphries morphed from shock to embarrassment to ANGER, and now he wants to get even. This marriage will NOT end quietly and quickly as Kim had hoped. According to CJ at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Humphries’ request for an annulment claiming “fraud” is just the tip of the iceberg. He’s hired a dream team of Los Angeles lawyers (trial attorneys familiar with the courtroom) to prove “fraud” and depositions will be flying. Kris is going to embarrass Kim by having lawyers closely examine her bank accounts and assets and haul her friends (maybe even her ex Reggie Bush!) into court. Kim will certainly use her millions to delay and run up Kris’s legal tab, but that may backfire since he is asking HER to pay his legal bills. Our pal CJ sums it up: “Kim will rue the day she laid eyes on Kris Humphries!”



  1. The lawyers will love this. When you are stupid enough tomarry a girl who is famous only for the number of BLACK men who have shot their loads in her various openings, then you might be stupid enough to prolong this.

    Just get over it and be like Ben Affleck and be happy it is over and you are away from a fame whore.

    Lawyers are counting their fees now.

  2. Good for him. I’d feel I deserved and want an annulment too, not a divorce, under the same circumstances. Hopefully the total financial haul Kim took in as a result of her sham marriage will come out in court too.

  3. He probably would have gone along with everything even though he didn’t like it and he felt used if she hadn’t got “media greedy” and wanted “HIM”

  4. He probably would have gone along with everything even though he didn’t like it and he felt used if she hadn’t got “media greedy” and wanted “HIM” (Kris) to look bad.

    She poked in his cage one too many times. I can’t say I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

  5. I don’t blame him either! The fact that this marriage was a sham will be coming out sooner than later. I think that the only reason Kourtney’s boy toy sticks around is because he has no discernible skills, is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and likes the media attention. Kris has his faults, too, but he’s definitely a better man!

  6. Americans made her famous, Americans will bring her down.

  7. I’m with you, Bluejay, Team Kris! I hope Kim is humiliated in court and some nasty chit comes out that she doesn’t want anyone to know. It’s criminal what she has done to this guy. He really fell for her, not knowing he was just a pawn in her publicity stunt. I hope he takes her for so much cash she has to work at K Mart! Blue Light Special in Aisle 4 anyone???

  8. Ha Ha. Love It. Cant wait for all the drama. Hope the whole Family goes away after all this. Team Kris…….

  9. I hope he writes a book and tells us all the dirty dark secrets of the entire family, that’s one I would buy. They deserve whatever they have coming, they’ve made up so many lies about him already, I hope he does make a huge stink.

  10. This guy is a fricking LOSER! Who the fuck does this shit in the name of LOVE? If this is what he does to someone he claimed to love, I would really hate to see what he would do to someone he hated.

    His sole purpose is and was to to try to defame The Kardashians. Nothing good is going to come of his Hate-Train. Nothing, notta, nil!!

    Kick his ass Kim & The Kardahian Klan! He is a hateful, in-the-closet Homo, who needs a tune up, BIG TIME!!

  11. Mr. Strom you write some really creepy things sometimes. I wonder if you realize it, or if you do it to just to offend or hurt people.

    It really doesn’t seem necessary at all, as you could write the same things without being so horrible, so creepy.

    I love this blog, but I think you hurt it, and are an anonymous kind of coward, who just spews hatred.

    It is sickening and you need professional help.

  12. Poor guy is totally get it in the press. The Crapdasians are invincible. the Strom coments are spot on!

  13. Why did he marry her ? Who would ? What an idiot .

    What else could possibly happen, She’s the queen of the silver dollar, and he’s just her small change. or soon will be. gross

    and yes Strom does need to dial it back some. Gay Island death match between Strom and Hugh Jackman. moneys on hugh, for sure

  14. Gay Island Death Match ! yes ! hilarious !! Strom v Liberace, 50$ on the dead guy !

  15. Amazing the poster could see anything inaccurate in the description of KK. While the description might be distasteful to some, or hit too close to their own situation, it does not spill the hate that several posters want to fling on another.

    It’s not about posters….hopefully Kris will rethink all this and move on…he will have more opportunities for more women than ever before because of this but his basketball career might be shortened if he concentrates too much on it…then it will be off to McDonald’s as the tallest burger flipper!

  16. ” men who have shot their loads in her various openings,”

    I think this is what she was reffering to. and you should realize she is right. it is creepy, es;pecially as you quite often refer to fluids and openings.

    it is creepy Strom. It seems you are the one with the ” situation ” .

    Obviously when you write something that lacks wit or wisdom and its just plain obscene – you make it “about the poster” dummy.

    maybe you jealous of Kims openings ? could that be it ? Pathetic.

  17. Rube, what is really pathetic is that even if a fraction of the reports are true….KK’s openings have been accessed more than the salt mines of the Sahara, and by more BLACK men. That is what is important and Kris should be happy not to have that baggage as a wife.

    She learned the fame whore business from Paris but her realmodel was Bronx Jen, who was happy to provide plenty of favors to BLACK Puffy, so long as it helped her career.

  18. STROM is aware of what he says. He doesn’t care that he says hurtful things and he certainly doesn’t care that he comes off as a racist. STROM is a bitter, pathetic, hateful man that probably sits in front of his TV playing video games 10 hours a day. Obivously STROM does not have a social life and fills his time surfing websites so he can feel some what connected to society. STROM=LOSER.

  19. PLEASE PLEASE let’s STOP doing articles on Kim and her family!

    This ‘divorce’ will be just as fake as their ‘wedding’ and any press is GOOD press these days so following this will just give the K family MORE MONEY!

    Stop following media on this ‘family’ and stop posting. THEN the media will stop following the K family because NO ONE CARES.

    Thank you and peace to us all xxoo

  20. Amazing to make the thread about a poster instead of the subject. The true racist’s are those who have swallowed the pill of PC and are awaiting it to take effect.

    Herman Cain has been shown to be as crazy for pussy as was JFK and MLK and the enemies of individualism will use that to heap scorn on his ideas instead of the man himself.

    You should head back to the TV as mybe another episode of the KK’s is about to come on. Go buy some merchandise as well.

  21. True but obviously JC gets ad revenue from the larger threads this brings about. JC site used to be dead on weekends but the hate spewing from the PC crowd has livened it up.

  22. Hey Strom, I was wondering when you would share your views on Herman Cain.

    I was going to ask but you know, it’s not about us posters.

  23. hey, he called her ‘fat’ to her face, that’s the worst thing u can say to woman. i suspect he was verbally abusing her..who wants to be married to a man who verbally abuses her!

  24. that troll (kim lardashian) is gonna go down in a public flaming ball of shit. good times…

  25. Strom’s just telling it like it is.
    Albeit in his usual crass manner.
    Frankly, if the women did do those things, which apparently she did.
    Then her action is far more vulgar and dangerous to the pop culture idolizing, impressionable youth we are trying to raise than anything Strom can say.
    I get what you are doing, Strom. Sometimes people need to be hit over the head with the facts to open their eyes.
    Good work.

  26. Ya sure Strom is a little crass, like rape is just a difference of opinion.

    There’s a profound difference between being racist and eccentric.

    Suggesting that it’s ok to spew race or sexual hatred about unpopular or unpleasant people like the Jacksons, or gay people is the equivalent of arguing that the Nazis just meant well, and perhaps they went a little too far. What a dummy.

  27. Ya but the dummy is on your silly post. Strom spews no hatred and doesnt advocate rape,,,what stupid and ill informed comments.

    Read or not and agree or not, makes no difference to me but dont misquote what I say…it’s not about posters anyway.

  28. I don’t think you really understood the post Strom, she made some accurate points.

    Sometimes you do say hateful things, clearly.

  29. must agree, for an adult american he does some pretty dumb things

  30. Yep he did something stupid in getting involved with KK.

    I dont spew any race or gender hatred and to state otherwise is a misreading. Calling Morgan Freeman BLACK is accurate and pointing out that he has been busily banging his step-grandaughter for years is only pointing out facts that others choose to ignore because they see Morgan as a knight in shining armor when in fact he is no different from the pervert Woody Allen who also got a pass for many many years. Pointing out that Michael Jackson was more the King of Child Molestion than the King of Pop may make some quezzy but many facts sugggest that it is true. It’s not about posters but you can certainly point out anything that is inaccurate. Calling BLACK Puffy Combs the King of the backdoor entry is no more than he says and that says loads about his many entries into Jen’s welcoming posterior.

  31. how come you obsess over these celebrities Strom, why do you know so much sexual trivia about their lives ? Is it a substitute for your own …. Are you a laptop stalker ? ewwww …

  32. you spew it nearly daily Strom, how about a some self awareness, just a fragment ?

  33. It’s a gossip site.
    Strom is gossiping.
    You’re in a losing battle, Erica.
    He doesn’t care what you think.
    Prove him wrong. Find a lie in what he is saying.
    Humble him.
    Good luck.

  34. It’s not important but you are welcome to point out anything factually inaccurate. The celebrity trivia has already been pointed out, usually in multiple places. As far as KK goes, it is out there in BLACK and white…mostly BLACK.

    Why don’t you read some Tolstoy and gain some real understanding of the quest for fame by people who otherwise would not measure up.

    JC is a diversion…away from the crowds and autograph seekers….a window on the world of a segment of the populace (many who unfortunately spend their time with reality television).

  35. Well the world rues the day that Jay whoever pushed his unit up her behind and made her a star that is for sure. But I hope this all true, I hope he outs not only her talentless behind for the fraud she is but also her pimp of a mother as well. The Kardashian family photo should be next to A-moral in the dictionary because that is what they are; nothing is too bad for them to do as long as they make money. Money and fame is their god and their church and it is so sad that our society let people like this become millionaires when the only difference between what they do and what the girls on the street do for money is the clothes they wear and the cameras that follow them and the fact the girls on the street own up to what they are unlike the liars that are the Kartrashian Klan. YUK.

  36. Strom, u do realize you are “talking’ to the same person in all these posts (Indy) … seriously mentally ill, both of you…lol

  37. Multiple personalities, multiple names, doesnt say much for their life, if true.

  38. Hopefully Kris has gotten himself checked for STD’s after his time with KK…some things can just not be made to go away so he might have “lasting memories” of her.

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