Just when Warren Beatty got a grip on accepting his transgender son, his child Kathlyn, now known as Stephen, has made some changes. Stephen had been craving complete sex change surgery but according to The Enquirer, he’s rethinking it. Now 20, he’s a student at Sarah Lawrence College and transgender activist, but in January he revealed that he has a boyfriend! More startling is the fact that he’s a bit more feminine looking and he even wore rhinestone heels to his boyfriend’s graduation! Warren’s head must be spinning, but Stephen seems happier and better adjusted so his parents are relieved. (Above, the Beatty family in 2007)

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  1. Stephen is LEGAL……

    …..makes my pinky-size MAN MEAN THROB


    (The heavily medicated reformed homophobic racist who hopes for a piece of male ass for change!)

  2. Another looney tune. How is (he) really a she was able to go to sarah lawrence when it is a girls school. She has way too much time, money, spoiled by her mother apparently to entertain her lofty ideas.

    Did chaz ever get a cock or she was looking for attention?

  3. I’m sure I’ll get “dinged” for saying this but I think that this type of thing is a physical change for a psychological problem. I can sew a tail on my butt but that doesn’t make me a dog.

  4. Yeah Palermo, I sort of agree with you.

    Obviously it’s very complicated. This young lady having second thoughts proves that. Maybe she was trying to ruffle her fathers feathers or explore the newest in vogue thing (Chaz)? When her father finally accepted HER reality, she found it not so appealing. Either way, she shouldn’t jump into anymore permanent procedures until she is 100% sure of what she wants!

  5. I have always felt that if you want to have that type of surgery done you should think about it and hold off on it for at least ten years because what does anybody know when they are 20 years old? she would probably totally regret it and it would be really irresponsible for any doctor to do that to someone that young it shouldnt even be allowed at that age that is way too young

  6. Crazy is as crazy does! Such is life in the PC world of Hollyweird!

  7. Just think Back in the day, Warren was said to be gay, and would’ve loved to wear those rhinestoned shoes!!!!

  8. Anon1 those are wise words, that is the logic I used when I was toying with getting a small tattoo.

    Because both procedures are pretty much forever, to undo them leaves scars and in the case of male/female bits, bits that won’t work properly anymore – which will give a ‘new’ problem to worry/obsess over.

  9. Cant help but feel sorry for this mixed up kid 🙁

  10. Disgusting and immoral Americans. When is Ryan Seacrest going to get his surgery?

  11. I see all the experts are posting comments today. Sheesh!

  12. Sarah Lawrence is a coed school….Once was an all girls school bur hasn’t been in many many years….

  13. I agree with Cal. Such a decision should only be made after much therapy.

    I will say however, that this story has consistently flown under the radar. I am completely surprised that the Enquirer hasn’t been sneaking around on the Sarah Lawrence campus, and we haven’t see numerous photos of Kathlyn/Stephen and what are likely stunning rhinestone shoes.

  14. Warren is too selfish to care.. his liberal floozy wife is over the moon with joy..

  15. I knew Warren years ago before we were both married. He is a good person, this situation must be very painful. It is not a joke any time your child is hurting and you can not fix it everyone suffers.

  16. “By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On May 24, 2012 at

    Disgusting and immoral Americans. When is Ryan Seacrest going to get his surgery?”

    Pippa, LOL, Must be from across the Pond with that name. Talking about Americans like you all don’t have these issues. You sound like you need therapy. Probably dealing with sexual identity issues yourself.

    “By dandilion
    On May 25, 2012 at

    Warren is too selfish to care.. his liberal floozy wife is over the moon with joy”

    You sound like a right wing nut case, which is depressing enough. Must be sad to wake up every morning to YOU!!!

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