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We haven’t seen David and Victoria Beckham out on the town lately because they’ve been back in the UK. David got an award for some soccer achievement and the couple celebrated at Baccarat restaurant there. It’s interesting how Victoria keeps her face perfectly composed for photos – she’s never laughing like a hyena or talking out of the side of her mouth. We’re growing ever fonder of that purple handbag.

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  1. Among the most over-rated boring couple in hollywood. Go back to the UK, the USA won’t miss you.

  2. I don’t like her haircut, bony neck, and stuck-up nose. Purse prob cost no less than $500; I’ve seen prettier at WalMart. These 2 are just so……..(words fail here).

  3. She is so unattractive. And why does she always look so dark and greasy?

  4. How much are you being paid to post this, Janet?
    Who cares about this selfish woman?

  5. Janet, the word placid is not strong enough, but for some reason I can’t make myself write other descriptive words.

  6. Janet, David played his 100th Cap for the English National side They lost the match. Did you notice his speaking voice sounds like that of a young homosexual? Many attribute this to his abuse of anabolic steroids. Jesus and his wife will frown on this when David reaches judgment day.

  7. Why should she share, why would we care? Shyness is my game, smothering silent in refrain. People will say they’re in love.

  8. It must be exhausting to stay super skinny and be on top of the fashion world at all times. Why doesn’t she focus her energy towards raising her children?

  9. Her face is perfectly composed? That’s actually funny, Janet, when we know it’s perfectly Botoxed.

  10. She’s not a mean person or evil etc…just sort of a friendly nitwit with a bad complection and lots of money with a perfect life!

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