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Fans of Victoria Beckham’s fashion collection might be in for a surprise this season. Women who wear her designs are accustomed to dresses that fit within an inch of their lives. In other words they hug the body and reveal every curve. But this years collection is darker and looser fitting. No Spanx necessary. You can no longer look at one of her dresses and immediately know it was designed by Beckham. Victoria revealed her latest designs at New York Fashion week under the watchful eye of Anna Wintour.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. A female friendly and empowering silhouete. Bravo to Victoria for the looser fitting clothes.

  2. Who in their right mind would purchase this rubbish from this cartoon character of a Woman?

  3. Skin tight clothes are going out of fashion thank god. What a hideous long trend it has been. Seeing women make asses of themselves in this ugly spandex shit highlighting all their bulges and flaws. Well, I guess the kartrashians will keep it up, but they have no sense of style or class.

  4. Thank you pippa! Looks like a copycat of A line signature of Calvin Klien. Boring!

  5. These emaciated models look like the brainless hollow-eyed zombies who walk around at the Scientology Centre in L.A. (Maybe the tiny one has recruited the big-bucks Beckhams into the cult).

    And….just because clothes have a big name label on them doesn’t necessarily mean they are gorgeous, but dces assure they’re expensive. I like very little of what she designs.

  6. XYZ is SUCH an asswipe and seems to need to insult any female who disagrees with his pea brained thoughts. Penis issues?

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