Vanity Fair’s all white young Hollywood cover is all the more perplexing because they overlooked the young star of the biggest boxoffice movie of all time: Avatar. What genuis at that magazine failed to recognize the explosive success and laudable efforts of beautiful Zoe Saldana? She seems like the most obvious choice of all

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Just another example of how all those optimists were wrong when, upon Obama’s election, they said things had changed. It seems unlikely that the U.S. will ever really shed its racism, not a good thing considering the rise of the non-white world (the economic might of China, the economic development of India, the expected rise of South America and East Asia.)

  2. Multiculturalism is destroying the society, the nations. Whats the problem with the cover? Im telling u: none. Speaking out loud makes a white person Nazi or racist. Bullshit! White race is the most diverse and its ppl are the real “color” ppl. Hair, eyes and skin come in all colors and shades, why other race’s ppl are called “of color”. Cut the political corectness crap!

  3. Agree, Vanity Fair’s readers are mostly white and the blacks have Jet and Ebony. Nothing wrong with the cover. Black actors and musicians are overly hyped and dominate pop culture. A lot of ’em ain’t even talented or special.

  4. Why does there have to be a minority person on the cover? If the cover were all blacks/hispanics would anyone say anything? Why are people so hateful to anyone with white skin? I wasn’t aware that it had become so awful to be white, do I have to take tanning pills to be acceptable? I swear sometimes I feel like I’m living in Nazi Germany only it’s the white people wearing the stars on their coats.

  5. janet, you have some sorry, unintelligent posters. but what can you do with folks who don’t love themselves and take out their sorriness on others?

    anyway, yes they could have included people of color on their cover. as if black americans don’t read other mags besides jet and ebony.

  6. Vanity Fair’s readers may be “mostly white,” but VF shot themselves in the heart, foot, and scrotum by excluding non-white women from this cover. It seems so unaware; so unsophisticated. I stopped buying VF years ago; this reinforces the decision.

  7. Not only are they all exceptionally white, but they are interchangably alike in their looks and thinness. Nothing remarkable there. They could be clones of each other. Must all young starlets have the same body today? It’s so beyond boring. And the thin shapeless females of today are making our young women sick with bulimia and anorexia trying to be like them. There’s not one person in the pic above who actually looks healthy and normal sized, they all have thin, skinny arms. Just continuing the tragedy of today’s “hip” crowd. How sad!

  8. I’m really shocked at all the low class hateful remarks hurled at these beautiful young actresses. None of them look anorexic or bulimic and none of them look alike, they all have different eye/hair colors. Why all the stereotyping? Do minority people think all white people are anorexic and look alike? That really speaks to a racist hatred. There are plenty of minority celebrities who grace magazine covers, can’t white women grace ONE cover without everyone losing their sh*t?

  9. I dont think this was that terrible, zoe saldana was in last years issue, do we need to be told twice she is up and coming.

  10. The “young and emaciated” look is a status symbol for everyone in the world these days. The standards are set in Hollywood. All of my female friends are starving themselves, squeezing themselves into tiny sizes, and shooting themselves full of Botox. And their actions get much more drastic. It’s a tsunami of self-hate.

  11. Several comments just prove my point. Good luck America. You are going to need it.

  12. To the person who said that we don’t need to be told twice that Zoe Saldana is upcoming – true, but Vanity Fair felt it was necessary to tell us twice that Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried are. Why is that? What are they trying to reinforce?

    I think I understand why some people might not think there is anything wrong with an all white cover, but maybe you should change your perspective. What is Vanity Fair saying by not including a single woman of colour, whether Black, Asian, South Asian or Hispanic, on the cover of their Hollywood edition? I’m sure the discussion was held. I’m sure when they were picking young women for the cover someone mentioned Zoe or Gabourey Sidibe, or even Frieda Pinto.

    Magazines like Ebony and Jet were created in a time when “mainstream” magazines refused to acknowledge black entertainers at all, let alone put them on their covers. Isn’t it sad that they still need to exist?

  13. I agree with ‘Nicola’ – but i feel that the cover just reflects Hollywood. There aren’t enough roles for non-White actresses and it’s a shame.

    BTW – the cover is bland; making the actresses look identicate. I think this is probably one of VF’s worse covers.

  14. That was pathetic of VF. Two of the women on the cover are ringers for Kathryn Heigel and Cate Blanchett.
    And the nutty posters here are just that.

  15. All those actresses on the cover are beautiful and elegant looking. I smell the distinct odor of jealousy around here. I bet most of the posters are overweight and not happy with themselves otherwise why would you feel the need to put them all down? This picture is meant to be a throw back to the 1950’s, if you don’t get that you’re stupid. Vanity Fair has had many people of color on their covers, this is one issue not something they do every month so just get over it.

  16. Gabourey Sidibe and frieda pinto will never do anything of much significance in a hollywood piture again. mark my words. so up and coming they are not, even though they did a great job in their original vehicle they have reached the pinnacle of their success in hollywood. put a fork in it.

  17. Graydon Carter…dude you are lucky to have a job peddling that crap. Vanity Fair is not a ‘white’ magazine. Tiger Woods was on the cover last month!!

    Vanity Fair is like old back woods America, a cultural dinosauer getting its foot stuck in the LaBrea tar pit of reality.

    B U L L C R A P! Selling that same ol’ white supremacy. Keep at it while you can morons because the clock is ticking:

    1)Magazines are dying a quick death more people are Twitting than reading Vanity Fair.

    2)Non-white people are the majority of the world MEANING-BROWNIES RULE THE PLANET

    3)The American sickness of equating pale skin sick looking women with obvious anorexia (and worse) is CRIMINAL. Selling such evil imagines to the entire planet makes Muslim countries hate use even more.

  18. These young ladies all look beautiful, healthy and glamorous. All of you assholes posting this hateful garbage are just jealous disgusting racists who can’t stand white skin because you envy it. Grow up and get over your insecurity. If you learned to love yourself the way you are you wouldn’t let a magazine cover get you all worked up.

  19. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Hells kitchen and Masterchef are double hit on Mondays and Tues and it rocks completely and when are you going to make fun of the fat people and Here comes some tear and Hells kitchen is like an onion...Layers are under it and it says:

    Some people make mistake and it is not really any Boo Boo and this little thing happen from time to time and later down the road they can alway do more pictures and make corrections down the road and every one makes mistakes and you can learn from it and yes there should be more people of color in this but it still looks great and over sights is life and learning is key to making corrections in the future.

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